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Parent project. Information on console and hardware restoration.
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The N64 emulation scene had previously been described as a broken mess, the very definition of plugin hell. With recent developments in the scene, however, the situation has markedly improved, and it is no longer considered necessary to have multiple emulators and plugins on hand to get most games to work. The recommended N64 plugins page will outline the best plugins currently available for the benefit of both the casual and enthusiast looking to get their N64 emulation fix.

Video game consoles
Overview of video game consoles and emulators for them.
Overview of computers and ways to run their software on your system.
Arcade machines
Overview of arcade machines and emulators for them.
Other systems
Here you'll find emulators for other systems such as mobile devices and calculators.
Emulators on systems
Here you'll find emulators by the system they run on.
Not Emulation
Game engines
Here is where you find things like ScummVM, Mugen and the Super Mario 64 port.
Compatibility layers
Here is where you find things like Wine and Proton.
Here is where you find things like pinball simulators.
Here is where you find things like VMWare Workstation.
Frequently asked questions
Questions and facts about emulation and related topics.
Subpage for modding.
Subpage for shaders and filters.
Operating systems
Here you can find recommended operating systems for emulation, operating systems specifically made for emulation and information on how to emulate an OS on another platform.
User interface software such as launchers. There are other types such as integrated emulator and project specific frontends.
Preservation projects
Used for preserving.
ROM managers
Used for organizing ROMs.
Emulation hardware
Learn what hardware is recommended for emulation, both on PC and handheld. This covers everything from CPUs to controllers, from Android phones to single board computers.
Virtual reality
Virtual reality (VR) and emulation.
Emulation boxes
Commercial offerings such as the SNES Classic.
Such as MiSTer.