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Commodore 128
Developer Commodore
Type Home computer
Release date January 1985
Discontinued 1989
Introductory price $299
Predecessor Commodore 64
Successor Amiga

The Commodore 128 (C128) is a computer released by Commodore in January of 1985 and retailed for $499.99. It had a MOS 8502 CPU at 2 MHz with a Zilog Z80 CPU at 2 MHz to run the CP/M operating system. There was also a computer called the Commodore 128D which had the case look like an Amiga 1000, and a disk drive built in.


Name Platform(s) Latest Version libretro Accuracy FLOSS Active Recommended
PC / x86
VICE Windows Linux macOS FreeBSD 3.8 Very high
Z64K Java 2.0.0 Very high
MAME Windows Linux macOS FreeBSD 0.262 ? ?
Mobile / ARM
VICE Android iOS Linux Pandora 3.8 Very high
8-Bit Wonders Android 0.8 (F-Droid)
0.8 (Play)
0.8 (Amazon)
? roadmap