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Nintendo Wii U
Wii U.png
Developer Nintendo
Type Home video game console
Generation Eighth generation
Release date 2012
Discontinued 2017
Predecessor Wii
Successor Nintendo Switch
For software that emulates the Wii U, see Wii U emulators.

Emulators via vWii[edit]

Most emulators available for the Wii will also work on vWii (virtual Wii) mode on the Wii U, and some of them even support the Wii U Pro Controller or the Wii U Gamepad. However, due to sandboxing, there won't be any performance gains compared to running those emulators bare-metal on a Wii.

The most interesting emulator, really hypervisor, is Nintendont, for GameCube gaming. You can run it directly in vwii HBC, or through a wii usb loader like ulgx or wiiflow as a frontend.


Name Version FLOSS Active Recommended
Virtual Console N/A

Please notice that Retroarch isn't currently compatible with the Aroma custom firmware. In order to run Retroarch, you will have to boot a legacy cfw like tiramisu, haxchi or mocha.


Available cores
Cores Game/System Recommended
81_libretro Sinclair ZX 81 TBD
2048_libretro Game
arduous_libretro Arduboy TBD
atari800_libretro Atari 5200
bk_libretro BK-0010/BK-0011(M)/Terak 8510-a TBD
bluemsx_libretro MSX/SVI/ColecoVision/SG-1000 ~
cannonball_libretro Game engine TBD
cap32_libretro Amstrad CPC TBD
crocods_libretro Amstrad CPC TBD
dosbox_svn_libretro DOS TBD
ecwolf_libretro Game engine TBD
fbalpha2012_libretro Arcade/Console/various TBD
fbalpha2012_cps1_libretro CPS-1 TBD
fbalpha2012_cps2_libretro CPS-2 TBD
fbalpha2012_cps3_libretro CPS-3 TBD
fbalpha2012_neogeo_libretro Neo Geo TBD
fbneo_libretro Arcade/Console/various
fceumm_libretro Nintendo NES/Famicom
fixgb_libretro Game Boy/Color
fixnes_libretro Nintendo NES/Famicom
fmsx_libretro MSX/MSX2/MSX2+
freechaf_libretro Fairchild ChannelF TBD
freeintv_libretro Mattel Intellivision
frodo_libretro Commodore C64 TBD
fuse_libretro Sinclair ZX Spectrum
gambatte_libretro Game Boy/Color
gearboy_libretro Game Boy/Color
gearcoleco_libretro Coleco ColecoVision TBD
gearsystem_libretro Sega MS/GG/SG-1000
genesis_plus_gx_libretro Sega MS/GG/MD/CD
genesis_plus_gx_wide_libretro Sega MS/GG/MD/CD
gme_libretro Music player TBD
gong_libretro Game
gpsp_libretro Game Boy Advance
gw_libretro Handheld Electronic TBD
handy_libretro Atari Lynx TBD
hatari_libretro Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon TBD
jaxe_libretro CHIP-8/S-CHIP/XO-CHIP TBD
jumpnbump_libretro Game engine TBD
lowresnx_libretro Game engine TBD
lutro_libretro Game engine TBD
mame2000_libretro Arcade/Console/various TBD
mame2003_libretro Arcade/Console/various TBD
mame2003_midway_libretro Arcade/Console/various TBD
mame2003_plus_libretro Arcade/Console/various TBD
mednafen_lynx_libretro Atari Lynx
mednafen_ngp_libretro Neo Geo Pocket/Color
mednafen_pce_libretro NEC PC Engine/SuperGrafx/CD
mednafen_pce_fast_libretro NEC PC Engine/CD
mednafen_supergrafx_libretro NEC PC Engine/SuperGrafx
mednafen_vb_libretro Nintendo Virtual Boy
mednafen_wswan_libretro Bandai WonderSwan/Color TBD
mgba_libretro Game Boy Advance
minivmac_libretro Mac II TBD
mu_libretro Palm OS TBD
nekop2_libretro NEC PC-98 ~
neocd_libretro Neo Geo CD
nestopia_libretro Nintendo NES/Famicom
np2kai_libretro NEC PC-98 slowdown but best PC98 core
numero_libretro TI-83 TBD
nxengine_libretro Game engine TBD
o2em_libretro Magnavox Odyssey2/Phillips Videopac+ TBD
oberon_libretro Oberon RISC machine TBD
pcsx_rearmed_libretro Sony PlayStation TBD
picodrive_libretro Sega MS/GG/MD/CD/32X (crash)
pocketcdg_libretro Karaoke player TBD
pokemini_libretro Nintendo Pokemon Mini TBD
prboom_libretro Game engine TBD
prosystem_libretro Atari 7800 TBD
puae_libretro Commodore Amiga TBD
puae2021_libretro Commodore Amiga TBD
quasi88_libretro NEC PC-8000/PC-8800 series TBD
quicknes_libretro Nintendo NES/Famicom TBD
race_libretro Neo Geo Pocket/Color (crash)
reminiscence_libretro Game engine TBD
retro8_libretro Game engine TBD
sameboy_libretro Game Boy/Color
scummvm_libretro Game engine TBD
snes9x_libretro Nintendo SNES/SFC
snes9x2002_libretro Nintendo SNES/SFC ~
snes9x2005_libretro Nintendo SNES/SFC
snes9x2005_plus_libretro Nintendo SNES/SFC
snes9x2010_libretro Nintendo SNES/SFC
squirreljme_libretro Java ME TBD
stella2014_libretro Atari 2600
superbroswar_libretro Game engine TBD
tgbdual_libretro Game Boy/Color (white screen)
theodore_libretro Thomson MO/TO TBD
tic80_libretro Game engine TBD
tyrquake_libretro Game engine TBD
uw8_libretro MicroW8 TBD
uzem_libretro Uzebox TBD
vaporspec_libretro Game engine TBD
vba_m_libretro Game Boy Advance ~
vba_next_libretro Game Boy Advance ~
vecx_libretro Vectrex TBD
vice_x128_libretro Commodore C128 TBD
vice_x64_libretro Commodore C64 TBD
vice_x64sc_libretro Commodore C64
vice_xcbm2_libretro Commodore CBM-II 6x0/7x0 TBD
vice_xcbm5x0_libretro Commodore CBM-II 5x0 TBD
vice_xpet_libretro Commodore PET TBD
vice_xplus4_libretro Commodore Plus/4 TBD
vice_xscpu64_libretro Commodore C64 SuperCPU TBD
vice_xvic_libretro Commodore VIC-20 TBD
vitaquake2_libretro Game engine TBD
vitaquake2-rogue_libretro Game engine TBD
vitaquake2-xatrix_libretro Game engine TBD
vitaquake2-zaero_libretro Game engine TBD
wasm4_libretro Game engine TBD
x1_libretro Sharp X1 TBD
xrick_libretro Game engine TBD



Name Version FLOSS Active Recommended
Heritage (internal emulator for NES Remix) Heri2
LiteNESU 0.0.0-preR2

Game Boy[edit]

Name Version FLOSS Active Recommended
gacubeboy 1337
GBiine 0.2b ~

Pokémon Mini[edit]

Name Version FLOSS Active Recommended
Libretro PokeMini (PokeMini port by rw-r-r_0644) 0.01
PokeMiniU (PokeMini port by shutterbug2000) 2.2 ~



Name Version FLOSS Active Recommended
PPSSPP 1.5.x ?


Commodore 64[edit]

Name Version FLOSS Active Recommended
YAPE 4 U 0.70.2

Source ports[edit]

Name Version FLOSS Active Recommended Supported games
Cave Story Engine 2 git
[1] [N 1] Cave Story
Crispy Doom U git ? Doom I–II, Final Doom
Ship of Harkinian 7.1.1[N 2]
Nightly build
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (specific PAL versions)[N 3]
Sonic Mania Wii U git [N 4] Sonic Mania (Plus)
SpaceCadetPinball git 3D Pinball for Windows – Space Cadet
Super Mario 64 Port git Super Mario 64
  1. Cave Story Engine 2, or CSE2 for short, received a DMCA cease and desist notice from Nicalis, the current IP owner of Cave Story, despite the original Cave Story being a freeware developed by Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya.
  2. Since the Wii U version of Ship of Harkinian is ported by a different developer (Wii U port developed by GaryOderNichts), it may not always be updated alongside the mainstream ports (Windows, macOS, Linux/Steam Deck, Switch) of Ship of Harkinian, may be due to incompatibility issues in certain updates. Since v6.1.2, the Wii U port was absent for v7.0.0, v7.0.1, and v7.0.2 releases, but returned in v7.1.0 after various fixes were made.
  3. Ship of Harkinian requires either the GameCube's PAL Debug ROM (recommended), PAL Master Quest Debug ROM (for Master Quest mode's dungeons; supported as of v5.0.0), PAL Nintendo 64 v1.1 ROM (as of v7.1.0), or the regular PAL GameCube ROM (not recommended) of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to generate an oot.otr file from OTRGui (from the PC download) to play it. For every major release (vX.O.O), a new oot.otr must be generated from the latest version of OTRGui.
  4. This unofficial Wii U port of the Sonia Mania Decompilation project plays and loads great. Some frames will drop during giant ring special stages when too many 3D assets appear on the screen but performance is arguably bearable. Missing features as of v1.0.3 include screen filters, the 'DLC' option in the main menu doesn't do anything (but 'Encore Mode' works when dlcEnabled is set to y in Settings.ini) and limited mod support.



Name Version FLOSS Active Recommended
CHIP8 Emulator 2.2


Name Version FLOSS Active Recommended
fake-8 git

Centipede Arcade[edit]

Name Version FLOSS Active Recommended
Centipede Wii U 20160128