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Launchers and Hack roms[edit]

Name Platform(s) Version FLOSS Active Notes
CTGP-7 Nintendo 3DS 1.4 Mario kart 7 Hack Rom for 3ds
CTGP REVOLUTION Wii 1.3 Mario kart Wii hack Rom for Wii
Homebrew Channel Wii 1.1.3 Best Homebrew Opener For Wii
Homebrew Launcher Wii U Nintendo 3DS 1.5 Wii U 2.4.2 3DS Best Homebrew Launcher for Wii U and 3DS
Multiman PlayStation 3 4.85.01 ~ File Manager, Game Launcher and much more on your PS3
Super Mario War Windows macOS Linux Android
Wii Nintendo DS Switch PlayStation 3
PSP Xbox Xbox 360 Dreamcast
1.7 AFE Mario Battle game to play with your friends
Swiss GameCube 0.6r1614 ~ The swiss army knife of GameCube homebrew. Swiss aims to be the ultimate utility GameCube homebrew application.
TWiLight Menu++ Nintendo DS Nintendo 3DS 26.6.0 .nds Launcher for DSi and 3DS
Homebrew Menu Switch Switch 3.6.0 ? The Nintendo Switch Homebrew Menu

Emulators on consoles and handhelds, computers[edit]

See this section.


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