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Before the smartphones we know today were staples of mainstream culture, mobile phones, and their technology were pretty rudimentary and often relied on apps made in Java seeing as the language was designed to be portable (though Windows Mobile and Symbian were also somewhat popular as proto-smartphone platforms of choice). This didn't keep games from being developed for these platforms. Casual simplistic games and rip-offs of retro franchises thrived, but it attracted some genuinely fun games that forever remained obscure, such as those from Gameloft.

The situation is quite different in Japan where mobile hardware was much more developed, only loosely Java-based, and major video game developers were much more invested in creating unique and high-quality content that's most obscure and unpreserved, let alone emulated, today. Those are the very different Galapagos mobile phones (like NTT DoCoMo i-mode, DeNa, RoID...). Some of these games got ported to the inferior Western hardware but these are in the tiny minority.

.JAR files of Java-based non-Japanese cell phones can be still found online with some effort, namely on WAP sites offering (pirated) mobile content e.g.

Cellphone Collection (Archive.org)[edit]

  • Includes Games, Softwares, Emulators, SDKs, Firmware, Tools, etc..
Cellphone Collection
Set Date Registration
Collection Backup/Mirror Notes
qinghui.wang Chinese Mobile Games 2021-08-09 J2ME A complete scrape of the qinghui.wang website, holding about 3500 Java games.
7723.cn J2ME/Symbian games dump 2020-09-17 J2ME, Symbian Scrape of the Chinese site 7723.cn, hosting around 100000 J2ME / Symbian games.
mypalm.ru downloads section 2021-03-04 PalmOS Scrape of the downloads section of mypalm.ru, with software for PalmOS devices.
dubigame.tistory.com Korean mobile games 2021-02-04 SKT, LGE, KTF, Android mirror Scrape of the dubigame.tistory.com site, which hosted a collection of Korean SKT/LGE/KTF/Android mobile games during a short timespan.
A mirror of uploaded mobile games to dubigame.tistory.com.
Shouji.com.cn J2ME files scrape 2020-12-12 J2ME Scrape of all the J2ME files at site shouji.com.cn.
MobileHeart software downloads scrape 2020-10-23 J2ME Scrape of the software downloads sections of www.mobileheart.com.
mobilestore.pk / mobile-phones.com.pk downloads scrape 2020-10-22 J2ME Scrape of the still working downloads from the mobilestore.pk and mobile-phones.com.pk sites.
Phoneky/DownloadWAP J2ME/Symbian software downloads scrape 2020-10-04 J2ME, Symbian Full scrape of the J2ME and Symbian downloads section from site phoneky.com / downloadwap.com.
Smartphone.ua downloads section scrape 2020-10-02 J2ME !
N-Gage 2.0 Games Archive 2020-06-22 N-Gage Contains cracked scene releases and trial versions of N-Gage 2.0 games.
N-Gage Cracked Games full romset 2020 2020-01-22 N-Gage All releases are cracked, allowing them to be played on an N-Gage without having to deal with the "Memory card is corrupted" error.
hpc.ru PDA software 2020-08-06 PalmOS Scrape of all software, screenshots and descriptions from hpc.ru.
litoli.com / afpda.com 2020-08-04 PalmOS PDA software from the litoli.com / afpda.com forum downloads.
waper.ru deathgrab (incomplete dump) 2020-08-04 J2ME Partial grab of the rotting website waper.ru, hosting countless pieces of mobile software / games.
Unified archive of J2ME software (2019-09) 2019-09-14 J2ME This is a unified collection of J2ME (Java Micro Edition) games from many

sources. Each archive is a complete collection of all J2ME software available from its source at the time of archiving.

Qualcomm BREW Games 2021-08-02 BREW 2008-20102015-2018Mirror Qualcomm BREW mobile games archive from 2 different Mega folders.
Korean BREW 358 Mobile Games 2021-10-20 KTF BREW 358 KTF BREW games, courtesy of DUBIGAME
Korean BREW eMule network Mobile Games 2021-10-20 KTF BREW Archive of 2003-2004-ish KTF BREW games found at the eMule network, courtesy of Kraze.
Zeebo Game & App Compilation 2021-07-30 Zeebo Zeebo game console games and apps.
Huge Java Mobile Game Dump (67,000 files) 2018-06-08 J2ME Over 67,000 files from the FTPs of a couple of Java Mobile game sites. One - mastiwap.com - is now completely offline.
TOC Mobile 2019-10-12 J2ME, Symbian Mobile (Symbian/Java) games from TheOldComputer.com.
Some J2ME games 2021-05-19 J2ME Some j2me.
Nokia New Series 2008 2021-05-04 J2ME, Symbian A compilation of programs for Nokia mobile phones (both Symbian Series 60 and Series 30/40) in SIS and JAR (Java) formats.
Some Vxp And Java Games For Nokia 216 2020-07-06 Nokia MRE Games for the Nokia 216 phone.
Mythroad (China Mobile/Cherry Mobile) games archive (MRP) 2021-04-23 MiniJ 2576 (with duplicates) Mythroad games I collected from random sites.
Mythroad Archive 2020-02-05 MiniJ Mythroad is a platform used by China Mobile and Cherry Mobile mobile phones. This is an archive of software that runs on Mythroad, all of which are in the .mrp file format.
DoCoMo i-Mode & EZplus App Archive 2020-04-09 i-mode, EZplus This contains ~600+ iMode & ~600+ EZweb games, tools, emulators/simulators & various items.
DSEffects Java Games Archive 2021-03-30 J2ME DsEffects was an italian mobile gaming company founded in 2000 by Dario Scaccia.
Miscellaneous Flash Lite SWF files 2020-10-23 Flash Pack of miscellaneous SWF files (Likely compatible with Adobe Flash Lite) from Uzsmart.ru.
destinypenguin DoJa archive 2021-01-02 Doja Archive of *.jad *.jam and *.jar files for Japanese feature phones listed on http://destinypenguin.web.fc2.com.
J2ME Software archives - May 2020 2020-05-24 J2ME Preservation archive of software for the J2ME platform.

May-2020 backup.

J2ME Personal Sanitized Archive 2020-12-27 J2ME This archive is more than a collection of .jar files gathered from the internet. Instead, is a sanitization project of a particular and reduced selection of games that i'm interested in.
(The J2ME Archives) Over 5000 Mobile Games 2018-11-02 J2ME Collection of 5000+ year 2002-2005 J2ME games for early Java mobile phones. Contains some pretty old B&W games for first generation Java phones like the Nokia 3410 or Siemens ones.
Nokia Hry 2020-08-10 J2ME Pack of Nokia games.
Java, Symbian apps & games 2020-08-09 J2ME, Symbian pack of stuff from the net.
Cellphone game packs from sCZther 2020-07-16 J2ME Cellphone game packs from sCZther.
Mobile Games - Symbian (20191008). 7z 2019-08-17 Symbian Symbian Mobile Games.
Collection of J2ME game packs 2020-07-06 J2ME Downloaded from various sites.
Nokia Games J2ME 2020-07-06 J2ME Around 560 Nokia J2ME games.
Siemens X6/X7 J2ME games 2020-07-06 J2ME (Siemens) J2ME games for the Siemens X6 and X7 cellphones.
Random J2ME games 2020-07-06 J2ME A pack of J2ME cellphone games that was laying on my drive, from various sources.
240x320 S40 J2ME games 2020-07-06 J2ME Nokia S40 standard cellphone games with the resolution 240x320.
Sony Ericsson K7/K8 J2ME games 2020-07-06 J2ME Games for the Sony Ericsson K7 and K8 cellphones.
Nokia 6230 J2ME games 2020-07-06 J2ME Games for the Nokia 6230 cellphone.
Mobiles24.com J2ME Complete Game Archive 2020-04-20 J2ME A complete copy of all 21,529 games available at Mobiles24 organized (many dupes of games for different resolution devices).
rugame.ml 2019-10-17 J2ME part2 Assorted Java software from rugame.ml.
Mobile Games - J2ME (20191008) 2019-08-10 J2ME Collection of 279,000 J2ME Mobile Games.
Psychex 2019-09-15 J2ME Psychex's mobile Java game collection.
(The J2ME Archives) Pack of 800 J2ME games 2018-05-09 J2ME This item is part of an effort to archive as many J2ME software as possible before it disappears completely. Focus is on early era games (2002-2005).
(The J2ME Archives) 1000 J2ME Games Pack 2017-12-18 J2ME This item is part of an effort to archive as many J2ME software as possible before it disappears completely. Focus is on early era games (2002-2005).
(The J2ME Archives) Nokia Java Games 2019-08-01 J2ME This item is part of an effort to archive as many J2ME software as possible before it disappears completely. Focus is on early era games (2002-2005).
Huge Java Mobile Game Dump 2018-06-08 J2ME Over 103,000 files from the FTPs of a couple of Java Mobile game sites. One - mastiwap.com - is completely gone.
Nokia 3310 3G ( 2017) Game Pack 2019-07-18 J2ME This is a small collection of J2ME games that I (ONLYUSEmeFEET) have spent hours verifying that run on the new Nokia 3310 3G (2017).
J2ME Touch games 2020-07-06 J2ME (Touch) Games for touch screen java cellphones.
Java 128x128 ulož.to dump 2019-05-06 J2ME Dump of various collections of 128x128 java phone games from the czech filesharing site Ulož.to.
phoneky.com 2019-07-29 J2ME Mobile Java games from files from phoneky.com
files.dertz.in 2019-07-29 J2ME Mobile Java games from files.dertz.in
Mpbus.com J2ME downloads section archive 2021-10-16 J2ME Scrape of the J2ME downloads section from Chinese site mpbus.com / mpbus.net
ChicDead26's Personal J2ME Archive 2021-08-14 J2ME This pack includes 283 games, ranging from popular games from back then to bootlegs of several kinds. May also include some roms, built-in with their respective emulators.
Java Games Collection (Beta Ver. 31.12.2019). 7z 2020-10-31 J2ME java cellphones games
Pack of 300+ games for old java phones 2019-07-29 J2ME These are games in .jar format for old mobile phones before the smartphone era

Phones with Android or iOS won't run these, and even if you have a phone that can run them they aren't all compatible with all devices.

Mophun Archive 1.0 2021-01-02 Mophun Mirror The first release of the Mophun games archive.
Mobyware JARs 2019-02-07 J2ME Mobyware JARs
Mobyware SIS And SISX 2019-02-07 Symbian Mobyware SIS and SISX files.
sasisa.ru 2019-02-14 J2ME Sasisa.ru's mobile games.
appdown.7723.cn 2019-02-14 J2ME appdown.7723.cn's mobile games.
Virtualdos.free.fr. 7z 2019-02-19 J2ME Java games.
terbaik.my.to.7z 2019-02-19 J2ME Java games, not a complete backup of the site.
Salinguneg.xtgem.com. 7z 2019-02-19 J2ME Java games.
dedomil.net.7z 2019-02-15 J2ME Mobile games from dedomil.net.
mobile_soft 2019-05-04 J2ME A collection of various mobile games and applications from an open FTP at ftp://0893881793.static.corbina.ru.
Mitsubishi H8000 Series: Super Game Pack 2021-01-27 i-mode, EZweb Game pack for Mitsubishi navigation systems in the H8000 series. Along with some original games, it includes versions of Namco games designed for i-mode and EZweb-based phones. .cue/.bin dump.
Siemens SDK J2ME Emulators from siemens-club.ru 2019-05-04 Siemens Backup of the Siemens J2ME SDK Emulation tools from the now defunct site siemens-club.ru.
J2ME Emulation software 2020-06-23 J2ME Collection of emulation sofware for J2ME devices. Classic computer and videogame console emulators. Source code and file authenticity where possible.
Games and Apps For Windows Mobile 2020-07-06 Windows Mobile Some files from Reddit user locarnos. He found some discs in his garage and gratefully uploaded them to share! However, the links are now dead - I grabbed it while it was alive, so mirroring here.


Active J2ME, Symbian, N-Gage, BlackBerry, Android Big collection of java Games.


Active J2ME, Symbian Huge java games collection.


Active J2ME, Symbian Russian site, lot of cellphones games collection.


Active KTF, SKT, Android Korean site, various Korean cellphone games + Android games collection.


Active J2ME, Symbian Russian site, lot of cellphone games.
oldhandhelds.com Various cellphone games etc..
Bomberman mobile games Various Bomberman cellphone/mobile games
Mega.nz 40 GNEX (.sgs) and 69 SKT (.jar) games found in the archive.
Mega.nz Korean J2ME games.
Mophun Lot of mophun games.
Siemens 101x80 Siemens games
Siemensx70.ru Siemens games
Mega.nz Symbian apps & games

Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME)[edit]

This page is about emulating J2ME on other systems. For the inverse, see Emulators on J2ME.
Developer Oracle Corporation
Type Cellphone
Generation 7th generation
Release date 28 April 2000
Discontinued 2008

Java ME mobile phones

A free cross-platform language capable of working in devices with highly reduced capabilities. It was basically Java stripped down to the bare essentials. While originally not intended for games (until its more advanced game-oriented API came), it became the de facto market standard for cell phone gaming - due in no small part to the SDK being free and without licensing costs.

Mascot Capsule 3D is 3D graphics on Java ME phones, more specifically Sony Ericsson Java phones. It was mainly used by Fishlabs Games (nowdays Deep Silver Fishlabs) for games like Asphalt 3 3D, Galaxy on Fire, Blades & Magic or Robot Alliance, among others.

Sony Ericsson (Sony Mobile) phones. That used Mascot Capsule 3D (MBAC / MTRA) technology, which makes launching / modding games for SE 3D even more affordable!. So far it was only emulated in the Sony Ericsson SDK (JDK really) for Windows, which is anything but a user-friendly emulator (and it doesn't work on x64, no way). But now a certain JL-Mod has implemented it in the best Java ME emulator ever (light years away from the popular KEmulator), J2ME Loader for Android.

Mascot was used by multiple studios but the one who made the most use of this standard was the relatively popular Fishlabs Games studio, using its Abyss Engine. You will remember it from other movies such as: Galaxy on Fire, Heli Strike, Robot Alliance, Tank Raid, etc.

The Mascot should not be confused with normal JSR184 implementations. Normally the Mascot was exclusive to Sony Ericsson and Samsung, Nokia versions (which were generally brutally inferior to Sony Ericsson, in any Java ME standard) used to use normal JSR184, as for example in Worms Forts or Asphalt 3 3D.


Currently, J2ME Loader which is able to run most of the J2ME games which also run natively 3D games, this emulator is unable to run Mascot Capsule 3D V3 games, keeping in mind that JL-Mod has run MC3D V3 games. KEmulator and FreeJ2ME should suffice for most games, but there's a minority of games making use of obscure vendor-specific APIs supported only on their respective SDK tools. Given the scarcity of such tools, this list aims to comprehensively list the available ones for convenience.

Name Platform(s) Version Mascot Capsule 3D V3 Accuracy VM Derived from FLOSS Active Recommended
PC / x86
KEmulator Windows 1.0.3 (unofficial)
FreeJ2ME Java Linux ARM Libretro 2018/09/07git Mid Host JVM
Kahvibreak Windows Linux Stable
Linux (Beta)
Mid Host JVM (FreeJ2ME) (WIP)
SJ Boy Emulator - Special Edition Windows Beta 4
Special Edition
Mid-Low ? ~
SquirrelJME Java Libretro 0.2.0 Aims for 100% Custom (Java) ? (WIP)
Jademula Windows git Mid ? ?
ME4SE Java 2.2.0 Mid ? ?
Pstros Java 1.6.0 Mid ? ? ?
MicroEmu Java Windows Linux git Mid Host JVM -
Mini Soyo Windows 1.0 Low ? ? ?
MidpX (NHAL Win32 Emulator) Windows 1.0.1midp2exe Low ? ? ?
MPowerPlayer Windows Linux macOS 2.0 Low ? ? ?
Midp-Emulator Windows 1.31
Low ? ?
GameMagic S60 Windows 1.2.1 Low ? ? ?
N-GAGE Cool! Windows Linux 1.2.1 (Trial) ($) Low ? ? ?
Nokia SDKs Windows Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Mid ? ? ? ~
Sony Ericsson SDKs Windows Mid ? ? ? ~
Siemens SDKs Windows Site 1
Site 2
Mid ? ? ? ~
Motorola SDKs Windows 4.1
Mid ? ? ? ~
Motorola iDEN SDK Windows Mirror Mid ? ? ? ~
JS2ME FirefoxOS git ? ? ? ? ?
Pluotsorbet FirefoxOS git ? ? ? ? ?
Mobile / ARM
J2ME Loader Android 1.7.4


High Host JVM
JL-Mod (JL fork) Android git ~ (WIP) High Host JVM J2ME-Loader
CoffeeVM (JL fork) Android 1.4.7 Mid Host JVM J2ME-Loader
Retro2ME Android 2.1.0 Mid Host JVM ?
MegaJ2ME (JL fork) Android V1 Mid Host JVM J2ME-Loader
zhixiaoyou (JL fork with modified) Android 1.2 Mid Host JVM J2ME-Loader
J2ME Runner Android
Low ? ?
Jbed Android Windows Mobile 2.3.1 (Android)
2010 (WinMobile)
Low ? ?
Jblend Android Windows Mobile 0.1 (Android)
Full-screen (WinMobile)
Low ? ?
Project Kava (Based on J2SME) KaiOS git Low ? ?
PhoneME - SVN Dump Vendor Specific Reference Implementation KVM (Reference Implementation) Reference Implementation
PhoneME (unofficial) Android Maemo MeeGo Windows Mobile Windows CE git
b168 rev20547
Low PhoneME PhoneME Advanced (unofficial)
KarinME (Based on MicroEmu) Maemo 3.0.1 Mid ? ? ~
midpath4dingoo Dingoo 3.0 ? ? ?
midp4palm PalmOS 1.0 ? ? ?
Coretek Delta java manager Windows Mobile 2006d ? ? ?
Esmertec Java (jeodek) Windows Mobile 20070425 build ? ? ?
TAO Intent Java MIDlet manager Windows Mobile 1.1 build ? ? ?
IBM J9 Windows Mobile 6.1.0 ? ? ?
Mitac JVM Windows Mobile Build ? ? ?
CrEme JVM Windows Mobile 4.12 ? ? ?
MicroEmu (Converter) Android Maemo Android
Low Host JVM
PhoneME-featuredevices (unofficial) Symbian Windows CE git Low phoneME CLDC phoneME Feature
PSPKVM PSP 0.5.5 Final Edition
Mid phoneME CLDC phoneME Feature
Bittboy-j2me Bitt-Boy
Pocket-Go (Miyoo)
git Mid phoneME CLDC phoneME Advanced ~
Midpath RetroFW git Mid ? ? ~
PhoneME (unofficial) GP2X GP2X Wiz
git Mid phoneME CLDC phoneME Feature ~ ~
Pstros-nds Nintendo DS 0.7.2 r6git Low ? ?
Emulators via ~ You can able to run emulators on emulators!
Name Platform(s) Version Through/Via Mascot Capsule 3D V3 Accuracy VM Derived from FLOSS Active Recommended
PSPKVM Android iOS Windows macOS Linux Linux ARM

Vita Switch Symbian BlackBerry MeeGo Pandora Dragonbox Pyra [N 1]

0.5.5 Final Edition
PSVita : Adrenaline

Other : PPSSPP

Mid phoneME CLDC phoneME Feature
SquirrelJME Windows Linux macOS

Android iOS Vita PlayStation 2 Nintendo 3DS Wii Wii U GameCube Switch [N 2]

0.2.0 RetroArch Aims for 100% Custom (Java) ? (WIP)
SJ Boy Emulator - Special Edition macOS Linux Beta 4
Special Edition
Wine Mid-Low ? ? ? ~
  1. Run J2ME apps on BlackBerry 10 - J2ME loader (and possibly PlayBook through PPSSPP)
  2. Only available as a libretro core (e.g. RetroArch).
FreeJ2ME — Free and open-source
Has fewer features than KEmulator, but better compatibility. It's recommended for games that don't work with KEmulator. It has an optional libretro core and development is active. Games that freeze on KEmulator, such as Wolfenstein RPG and Doom 2 RPG, run on FreeJ2ME with no issues, although compatibility and accuracy are not as good as J2ME Loader. Some games run too fast and require tinkering with the frame rate options. No 3D support.
KEmulator — Closed-source
Has more features and compatibility than other ones, as well as 3D emulation (Compared with SJBoy and Midp2exe, KEmulator better performance). Has support for custom resolutions and full screen (View/Options). You can even set a proxy server for mobile Java apps that connect to the internet under options. Requires Java Runtime Environment installed. It is a recommended emulator if you're on a Windows PC, although some games (such as Wolfenstein RPG and Doom 2 RPG) freeze indefinitely on the loading screen. Last update was in 2012.
Nokia SDKs
A set of different device emulators released by Nokia along with their J2ME SDKs. Keyboard bindings are not friendly for playing games. Some of them are buggy. The Nokia 3410 SDK emulator is capable of running some ancient black&white J2ME games no other emulator can.
Sony Ericsson SDKs
Device emulators released by Sony Ericsson along their J2ME SDKs. Some of them have support for Mascot Capsule V3 3D APIs. Can run some games at better framerates than the original devices
Siemens SDKs
Device emulators released by Siemens along their J2ME SDKs. Can run some older games that depend on old Siemens APIs
Motorola SDKs
J2ME development kits released by Motorola. Can run some older games that depend on Motorola-specific APIs
Motorola iDEN SDK
J2ME development kit released by Motorola. Can run some older games that depend on iDEN-specific APIs
Haves support for some obscure vendor-specific APIs that other emulators don't support.
More compatible than MidpX. Can take snapshots. More resolutions (but still buggy). Appears to run correctly some older games FreeJ2ME and KEmulator don't and available for Windows only (You can also run it using Wine on Linux and Mac).
Mini soyo
Experimental emulator from the SJBoy authors. Appears to properly emulate transparency on older games making use of Nokia APIs. To open a game, drag and drop the JAR file onto the MiniSoyo window.
One of the older emulators. Fixed low resolution (176x220) and compatibility, no handler app support. The installer may contain adware.
Emulator from a company that used to develop solutions to allow users to try J2ME game demos on their computer before purchasing them. Doesn't have any known advantageous features. Requires : JRE.
N-Gage Cool! — Paid ($)
N-GAGE COOL! the ability to compare the two mobile game decks side-by-side having the very different and unique gameplay experience of both N-GAGE QD and N-GAGE.
MicroEmulator — Free and open-source
MicroEmu is a pure Java implementation of Java ME.
SquirrelJME — Free and open-source
Project developing a full JVM implementation + Java ME 8 APIs. Full compatibility with old J2ME software and high portability are among its main goals. Under heavy development.
J2ME Loader — Free and open-source
This is currently the highest-compatibility J2ME emulator available. Converts .jar files offline using its own resources. Easily launches both 2D & 3D apps. Samsung & Nokia API implemented. Supports different keyboard layouts and customization. It is highly accurate, with the right frame rate for each game, as well as vibration. Has slightly improved performance through hardware acceleration, but games won't run too fast. Runs almost every Nokia game, even ones that don't work with KEmulator or FreeJ2ME, but fails with Sony Ericsson 3D engine (Mascot Capsule), due to the fact that the mascot capsule is almost impossible to port. This is common with most of other emulators as well.
JL-Mod — Free and open-source
This is the experimental mod of the J2ME Loader app with added Mascot Capsule 3D (MC3D V3) support (That means all Fishlabs games like Galaxy on Fire, Deep, etc and Capcom's classics like Devil May Cry 3D and Resident Evil Missions are now playable on Android devices). Has some new and experimental features. Converts .jar files offline using its own resources. Easily launches both 2D & 3D apps. Samsung & Nokia API implemented. Supports different keyboard layouts and customization. It is highly accurate, with the right frame rate for each game, as well as vibration. Has slightly improved performance through hardware acceleration, but games won't run too fast. Runs almost every Nokia game, even ones that don't work with KEmulator or FreeJ2ME, as well as Sony Ericsson 3D engine (Mascot Capsule).
J2ME Runner
Old tool, launches Java Applications on Android using native library. Apps have to be converted first, using Netmite.com. Overall 2D stability is acceptable, but 3D support almost does not work. Different types of keyboard & screen stics are included. Unfortunately, often experiences troubles with *Jar conversion Here and Catalog of games for Java J2ME Runner
This is a Android J2ME Runnner so that any J2ME or MIDP applications can run without modification. Developers can enter the Android Market quickly. You can use your familiar development environment such as J2ME and MIDP or easily port your existing J2ME Application to Android with minimum code change. Users can use java applications directly inside Android
PSPKVM — Free and open-source
Available for cellphones. Might be the first one that's open-source. Last update was in 2011 (0.5.5 Final Edition). PSPKVM is a PSP port of Sun's open-source JavaME implementation phoneME Feature.

This is the reference implementation of J2ME made initially by Sun Microsystems, now owned by Oracle Corporation.

phoneME (unofficial ports)
phoneME for Windows CE/Mobile and Android is an implementation of the phoneME open source J2ME application platform for your Windows Mobile phone or Android handheld device. There are two different platforms of the phoneME Virtual machine : phoneME Feature and phoneME Advanced. Beyond precompiled binaries of these VMs for WinCE and Android based operating systems, this website provides information, patches and instructions in order to compile the phoneME sources yourself.

Symbian and N-Gage (Nokia)[edit]

This page is about emulating Symbian/N-Gage on other systems. For the inverse, see Emulators on Symbian.


N-Gage is a mobile phone and a handheld game system developed by NOKIA, announced on 4 November 2002 and released on 7 October 2003.

N-Gage QD introduced in 2004 as a redesign of the original "N-Gage Classic", fixing widely criticized issues and design problems.

N-Gage was discontinued in February 2006, with Nokia moving its gaming capabilities onto selected Series 60 smartphones.

N-Gage 2.0 was announced in 2007.

Originally a joint Nintendo-Nokia cellphone handheld hybrid project slated for 2005, Nintendo backed away from the project (and its plans for NES/Game Boy ports for mobile were repurposed for their Virtual Engine project). Nokia continued the project on their own anyways and released N-Gage on October 7, 2003, for $299 as the most powerful handheld of its time, that is up until the DS and PSP came along and ended Nokia's hopes at dominating the handheld gaming market. It had an ARM920T CPU at 104 MHz.

However, while gaining support through GBA/PS1 ports (including the only English version of the JP-only Xanadu series until 2016) and a few original exclusives, the thing suffered from huge design flaws, from the button layout to the display and cell phone functionality.

Has a revision called the QD which was unveiled on April 14, 2004, with an ARM9E CPU. ROM dumps of Symbian and N-Gage games are available.


Name Platform(s) Version Accuracy FLOSS Active Recommended
PC / x86
EKA2L1 Windows Linux macOS git Mid
Engemu Windows git None
NGEmu Windows git None (see below)
N-Gage Cool! Windows 1.2.1 ($) Terrible
Mobile / ARM
EKA2L1 Android git


EKA2L1 — Free and open-source
A Symbian OS emulator with high-level emulation, 25 Symbian games (6 N-Gage Games) have been labeled In-Game, 9 have been tagged Playable, and many more have yet to be tested.(Note : The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey and Ashen are among 6 N-Gage Games that go In-Game.)
A Nokia N-Gage focused emulator with low-level emulation.
The first known Nokia N-Gage emulator (with high-level emulation), although it is currently on hiatus due to a lack of information required to further development. Linux support is planned for the future.
N-Gage Cool! — Paid ($)
A dead payware emulator for Windows. It only partially emulated the J2ME-based Nokia N-Gage exclusives and nothing else from the rest of the bunch.

Execution Engine (ExEn)[edit]

A freeware solution developed by French mobile game developer In-Fusio around 2000. It was a Java-based solution presenting itself as an alternative to the limitations of J2ME's game development (offering missing feautures like sprite zooming, parallax scrolling, rotations...).

It achieved relative success and widespread hardware support in Europe, and was also used in China.


Name Platform(s) Version Accuracy FLOSS Recommended
EXEN-V2 Generic Simulator Windows V2 Low ?
EXEN-V2 Generic Simulator
A very old dead emulator for ExEn software. While many games will go in-game, they'll crash at various points.

Classic BlackBerry OS[edit]


Name Platform(s) Version Accuracy FLOSS Recommended
BlackBerry Simulator Series Windows Varies Cycle ?

Palm, Inc.[edit]

webOS (Palm pre/pixi)[edit]

Palm launched webOS, then called Palm webOS, in January 2009 as the successor to Palm OS. The first webOS device was the original Palm Pre, released by Sprint in June 2009. In April 2010, HP acquired Palm.


Name Platform(s) Version Accuracy FLOSS Active Recommended
Maemo Wiki0.6.9
preenv 0.1.7git
Mid ~


Palm OS is a mobile operating system developed by Palm, Inc., for personal digital assistants (PDAs) in 1996.


Name Platform(s) Version Accuracy FLOSS Active Recommended
PC / x86
Mu Libretro 1.0.0git Mid (Libretro)
StyleTap Windows macOS Linux 0.8.033 ? ~
POSE Windows Varies ? ? ~
Palm Simulator Windows Varies ? ? ~
cloudpilot Web git Mid ~
Mobile / ARM
PHEM Android 1.43agit ? ~ ~
StyleTap ($) Android Windows Mobile iOS Symbian 0.8.034 ? (Android only) ~
PalmOS Emulator Pandora ? ~
Garnet VM Maemo Maemo ? ~
QCopilot Sharp Zaurus 0.5 ? ~

Mediatek Runtime Environment (MRE) / MAUI[edit]

Being the turnkey solutions firm that they are known for, as their chips are used on millions and millions of el-cheapo "Shanzhai" devices all over the world (especially counterfeit Nokias and Goophones among other things), Mediatek has also come up with their own mobile platform and API known as the Mediatek Runtime Environment, aka MAUI. It is targeted for so-called "smart" feature phones, i.e. those that offer similar functionality to standard mobile operating systems like Android, but are watered down for entry-level users. An SDK is available on their developer site for members, and .VXP files for games and other applications appear to be available on the usual WAP sites.


Name Platform(s) Version Accuracy FLOSS Recommended
Mediatek MRE SDK Windows 3.0 ? ?


Mophun was an even more hardware-efficient free European-centric mobile gaming solution developed by Swedish company Synergetix. It was supported on various devices, such as the Sony Ericsson T2xx, T3xx and T6xx series, Symbian S60v1, S60v2, S60v3 and UIQ3 phones, and Windows Mobile Smartphones running at a resolution of 176x220 or 240x320. There are 303 known games,[1] of which 255 have been released, 41 are unknown to have been released, 3 are demos and 5 are unreleased. It was later overtaken by advances in J2ME that came with the MIDP 2.0 framework.[2]


Name Platform(s) Version FLOSS Accuracy Active Recommended
PC / x86
4Mophun Windows Mobile 1.1 ?
mophun Windows 2.5.4 ?
MoRePhun N/A git
Mobile / ARM
Mophun Games Launcher Symbian 1.01 ?
Mophun Games Launcher
only compatible with 13 games, all of which use the 3D engine and were released for Symbian. The emulator is available for S60v3.
does not work with games that are locked (e.g. have a predefined IMEI recognition algorithm) or do not use the 3D engine.
an official emulator, designed for development and demos. As such, encrypted or compressed games do not boot. However, this has been worked around, both by decrypting the files and decompressing them (except for compressed resources), and modifying the emulator to perform decryption on the fly, albeit only when opening them via the Open menu. Exile is not known to work in any found version of the emulator.
a new, open source emulator by Luca91. It is only a proof of concept, as only a few opcodes and a couple of SDK APIs are emulated, and there is no heap. There is sprite and input support, as well as support for the collision API. It is compatible with a few small homebrews. Luca91 mentions the SDK API handler needs to be better organized.

Japanese cellphones[edit]

Several Japanese-centric mobile game technologies spawned during the 00's as part of convoluted all-in-one technological solutions, mostly based on Java.

  • NTT DoCoMo released DoJa (later renamed to Star), based on Java ME CLDC, but not MIDP. Applications come in the form of .JAR files accompained by a .JAM descriptor.
  • KDDI released ezplus (later renamed to "EZ-appli (Java)"), based on Java ME extended with propietary APIs. Applications come in the form of .KJX files. It was later replaced with a BREW-based solution called "EZ-appli (BREW)"
  • J-PHONE released J-SKY, based on standard J2ME MIDP extended with several propietary 3D/sound/gfx APIs. It was later renamed to "Vodafone Live!" and "Yahoo! Keitai" as the company got purchased by Vodafone and SoftBank, respectively. Applications come in the form of .JAR and .JAD files.

It is possible to develop applications that work both under ezplus, J-SKY and standard J2ME devices by using only MIDP1.0 APIs

i-mode (DoJa)[edit]

Japanese mobile manufacturer NTT DoCoMo released DoJa (DoCoMo's Java) as part of their i-mode set of standards for mobile telephony. It is based on Java ME CLDC, but not MIDP. The profile received several updates, being later renamed to "Star". It was used on DoCoMo's mova and FOMA series of mobile phones, being first featured on the mova 503i from 2001.

While i-mode phones were made available in a limited fashion in Europe, the game apps weren't exported, the i-mode specific features were mainly used for enhancing web pages for mobile browsers and even the Java API is the different more limited "Overseas Edition". The main reason behind this was the fierce push back by Nokia and other western mobile hardware manufacturers refusing to support the DoJa software standard until very late.

DeNa (Mobage), Namco (Tales of Mobile) and Level-5 (RoiD) set up Steam-like game distribution portals specific to some cell-phone models yet i-mode based. The different names are to confuse dirty gaijin, probably.

Applications were denominated "i-αppli" (Japanese : iアプリ) and come in the form of .JAR files accompained by a .JAM descriptor text file.


Name Platform(s) Version Accuracy FLOSS Active Recommended
PC / x86
DoJa SDKs Windows Various Mid ? ~
DoJa Overseas Edition SDK Windows 1.03 Low (DoJa 2.5 OE) ?
i-JADE Windows 1.2.3 Low (DoJa 1.X) ?
Jade Java 0.1.7 Low (DoJa 1.5) ?
SquirrelJME Windows Linux macOS Java 0.2.0 Aims for 100% ?
Mobile / ARM
iApp Archives
Android 2.6 Low
Doja IAppli エミュレータ Android 1.1.2 ? ~ ?
Official development kit from NTT DoCoMo, featuring a device emulator. Several releases were archived by Wayback Machine ::DoJa 1.5 DoJa 2.? DoJa 2.1 DoJa 3.0 DoJa 3.5 DoJa 4.0 DoJa 4.1 (111) DoJa 4.1 (201) DoJa 5.0 Star 2.0
DoJa Overseas Edition SDK
SDK for the stripped down Overseas Edition DoJa profile
iappli development kit from Zentek
Open-source project implementing several DoJa 1.5 APIs. Low compatibility
Open source emulator that can run J2ME software, will be adding i-Mode support in 2022.

KDDI ezplus[edit]

Japanese carrier KDDI/Au released ezplus as part of their EZweb set of standards for mobile telephony. It is based on Java ME extended with propietary APIs. The first device supporting it was released on 2001 (Hitachi C451H). ezplus was later renamed to "EZ-appli (Java)" (Japanese : "EZアプリ (Java)") and gradually replaced with a BREW-based solution called "EZ-appli (BREW)" until 2004 when the last ezplus device was released.

In 2006 an Open Application Player (Japanese: オープンアプリプレイヤー) feature was added allowing to run MIDP 2.0 Java apps on the BREW devices, which were often denominated as オープンアプリ. It lacks support for the original propietary extensions of ezplus. On 2011, Open Application Player was updated and renamed to "EZ-appli (J)" along EZ-appli (BREW) which became "EZ-appli (B)"

Applications were denominated "ezplusアプリ" (during the ezplus name era) and come in the form of .KJX files.


Name Platform(s) Version Accuracy FLOSS Recommended
ezplus emulator Windows 1.0 Mid ? ~
ezplus emulator
Official development tool from KDDI, developed by Zentek


Japanese service provider J-PHONE released the J-SKY platform as part of their set of standards for mobile telephony. It was based on J2ME and MIDP extended with several propietary 3D/sound/gfx APIs called JSCL. J-PHONE had been purchased by Vodafone on 2001, which two years later took over the original branding renaming the carrier to Vodafone KK. The J-SKY technology became then known as "Vodafone Live!" and it was extended with the VSCL set of APIs. On 2006, Vodafone KK was purchased by SoftBank Group, getting this technology rebranded again as "Yahoo! Keitai".

Applications were called "Java™ App" (Japanese : Java™アプリ) during the J-SKY era, "V-Appli" (Japanese : Vアプリ) during the Vodafone era and "S! Appli" (Japanese : S!アプリ) during the SoftBank era. They come in the form of .JAR accompained by a .JAD descriptor text file.


Name Platform(s) Version Accuracy FLOSS Recommended
J-SKY Application Emulator Windows 1.3 Mid ? ~
J-SKY Application Emulator
Official development tool from J-PHONE, developed by Zentek. It does not supports any of the later APIs.

Korean cellphones[edit]

Wireless Internet Platform for Interoperability (WIPI)[edit]

WIPI a national middleware platform standard in South Korea. Almost all cellphone games released in South Korea from 2002 to 2009 were developed as WIPI.


MiniJ (MRP platform)[edit]

MiniJ is a mobile platform widespread in China (and in other countries). A lightweight virtual platform MiniJ platform format file developed by Hangzhou Sky Network Technology Co., Ltd., written in standard ANSI C. It has excellent game drive performance and can run games smoothly in harsh hardware environments. It is analog of java for phones with MTK CPU. Games for this platform are in .mrp format. There is many original Contra games for this platform, created by different companies. It also has some Konami's mobile game.


Name Platform(s) Version Accuracy FLOSS Active Recommended
PC / x86
vmrp Windows git Mid
Mobile / ARM
Mythras Android git
Mrpoid2 Android 3.2.10 Mid ? ~
iacMrp Android 1.9.53 Mid ? ~


KaiOS is a mobile operating system, based on Linux, for keypad feature phones. It is developed by KaiOS Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited.

Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW)[edit]

A mobile development platform by Qualcomm, originally intended for CDMA handsets such as those sold by Verizon. Unlike Java ME, applications and games for BREW use native code as opposed to running in a virtual machine in the case of Java ME. Also, BREW development has a higher barrier to entry due to stringent certification requirements, which led it to be significantly less popular than Java ME even in markets where CDMA has a significant market share, such as in North America. To top it all off, downloaded BREW apps are tied to an individual handset via a digital signature, making piracy or sideloading difficult if not impossible; it is however possible to unlock certain BREW-enabled CDMA phones to run backups and pirated apps, though downloads for BREW apps and games are rare and hard to find compared to Java ME.

The Zeebo, a video game console and online distribution platform developed and released with developing markets in mind, also runs on BREW. Dumps of the Zeebo and its games exist, and gameplay footage of them have been uploaded on YouTube.


Name Platform(s) Version Accuracy Active FLOSS Recommended
Infuse Windows Mobile ? (POC) Low
Melange Android gitEarly beta ? ~[3]

put *.mif files here : /sdcard/Android/data/io.github.usernameak.brewemulator/files/mif/

rest of game files should be put into /sdcard/Android/data/io.github.usernameak.brewemulator/files/mod/<game_name>/, where <game_name> is same as mif filename without extension

Danger OS[edit]

Developed by Danger Incorporated, Danger OS was a Java-based OS used on phones that Danger designed themselves. These devices were sold under many names such as Hiptop, Mobiflip, Sharp Jump, and (most notably) T-Mobile Sidekick. While it could run some J2ME apps (from version 2.3 onward), it also used its own proprietary J2SE-based APIs and SDK; for this reason, anything built using these APIs won't run on a standard J2ME emulator.


Name Platform(s) Version Accuracy Active FLOSS Recommended
Danger Hiptop/Sidekick SDK Windows Linux macOS ? Mid ?
Danger Hiptop/Sidekick SDK
Official SDK from Danger Incorporated

Dark Age of Monochrome Mobile Phones[edit]

Earlier black & white cellphone games (both in Japan and worldwide) didn't get as much love either when it comes to emulation and preservation of game binaries. There were, however, recreations of Snake and Space Impact for Nokia phones on their website at one time, along with remakes of the aforementioned games for Android and iOS. There are several Nokia phone models with MAME support, though they are preliminary at best with most models displaying a "CONTACT SERVICE" error if not a white screen.

TTPcom's Wireless Games Engine (WGE)[edit]

Firefox OS[edit]



Fire OS[edit]






Bada OS[edit]



Windows Phone[edit]



Windows Mobile series[edit]

Windows Mobile (PocketPC)[edit]

Released in 2000 by Microsoft as their first mobile OS, originally called "Pocket PC" and made to run on PDA's, the name changed to Windows Mobile when the PDA market began to shrink. WM was initially based on Windows CE before evolving into something unique. It was mainly designed for business users, so it didn't have a lot of games for it.


Name Platform(s) Version Accuracy FLOSS Recommended
Microsoft Device Emulator Windows 3.0 ? ?

Images are required. They can be downloaded here

Windows 10 Mobile[edit]


  • Article about DoCoMo Java programming.


  1. Mophun Game List
  2. Mophun preservation thread on Twitter
  3. Contains proprietary Qualcomm components

- Moscot Capsule 3D Engine