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Games collection (Archive.org)[edit]

  • Includes Games, Softwares, Emulators, SDKs, Firmware, Tools, etc..
Cellphone / PDA Collection
Set Date Registration
Collection(s) Backup / Mirror Related useful link Note(s)
Games / Apps
qinghui.wang Chinese Mobile Games 2021-08-09 J2ME A complete scrape of the qinghui.wang website, holding about 3500 Java games.
7723.cn J2ME/Symbian games dump 2020-09-17 J2ME, Symbian Scrape of the Chinese site 7723.cn, hosting around 100000 J2ME / Symbian games.
7723.cn Games 2021-12-04 J2ME, Symbian Full scrape of the chinese mobile website 7723.cn, made by the chinese.
dubigame.tistory.com Korean mobile games 2021-02-04 SKT, LGE, KTF, Android mirror Scrape of the dubigame.tistory.com site, which hosted a collection of Korean SKT/LGE/KTF/Android mobile games during a short timespan.
A mirror of uploaded mobile games to dubigame.tistory.com
Shouji.com.cn J2ME files scrape 2020-12-12 J2ME Scrape of all the J2ME files at site shouji.com.cn
MobileHeart software downloads scrape 2020-10-23 J2ME Scrape of the software downloads sections of www.mobileheart.com
mobilestore.pk / mobile-phones.com.pk downloads scrape 2020-10-22 J2ME Scrape of the still working downloads from the mobilestore.pk and mobile-phones.com.pk sites.
Smartphone.ua downloads section scrape 2020-10-02 J2ME
N-Gage 2.0 Games Archive 2020-06-22 N-Gage Contains cracked scene releases and trial versions of N-Gage 2.0 games.
Nokia N-Gage 2018-08-26 N-Gage
N-Gage Cracked Games full romset 2020 2020-01-22 N-Gage All releases are cracked, allowing them to be played on an N-Gage without having to deal with the "Memory card is corrupted" error.
mypalm.ru downloads section 2021-03-04 PalmOS Scrape of the downloads section of mypalm.ru, with software for PalmOS devices.
hpc.ru PDA software 2020-08-06 PalmOS Scrape of all software, screenshots and descriptions from hpc.ru
litoli.com / afpda.com 2020-08-04 PalmOS PDA software from the litoli.com / afpda.com forum downloads.
Palm - Redump.org 2019-04-27 2019-05-18 PalmOS
Palm OS Software/Game Dump from GSMhosting.com 2019-04-27 PalmOS Scraped this thread from GSM Hosting to download all attachments.


320x320 Games Pack 2019-04-27 PalmOS This suite contains a bundle of games designed for 320x320 Tungsten and Sony CLIE handhelds. It includes: Hot Checkers, Hot Pipes, Card House, Hot Hangman, Memory Coach, Hot Lines and Hot Sokoban. Each game can be installed separately, to prevent memory space waste.
Software and games for Palm OS 2021-05-17 PalmOS While these files where available at some point on my google drive directory, and it's uploaded on some sites this is the only version i can support as my own and can confirm that this is actually the full files not modified by the google antivirus stuff.
waper.ru deathgrab (incomplete dump) 2020-08-04 J2ME Partial grab of the rotting website waper.ru, hosting countless pieces of mobile software / games.
Unified archive of J2ME software (2019-09) 2019-09-14 J2ME This is a unified collection of J2ME (Java Micro Edition) games from many

sources. Each archive is a complete collection of all J2ME software available from its source at the time of archiving.

Mascot Capsule 3D (Sony Ericsson) 2022-02-26 J2ME (Mascot Capsule 3D) Mascot Capsule 3D is a proprietary 3D graphics engine developed by Hi Corporation. It was mostly used in Japanese devices, but it also made it overseas featured in many Sony Ericsson devices. Many developers made use of this tech to bring higher quality 3D graphics on the Sony Ericsson version of their J2ME games.
Qualcomm BREW Games 2021-08-02 BREW
Super Backup + more games Qualcomm BREW mobile games archive from 2 different Mega folders.
Qualcomm/KTF/KDDI BREW Games 2022-03-01 BREW/KTF BREW
Korean BREW 358 Mobile Games 2021-10-20 KTF BREW 358 KTF BREW games, courtesy of DUBIGAME
Korean BREW eMule network Mobile Games 2021-10-20 KTF BREW Archive of 2003-2004-ish KTF BREW games found at the eMule network, courtesy of Kraze.
Zeebo Game & App Compilation 2021-07-30 Zeebo Zeebo game console games and apps.
Bada apps and games collection 2019-08-31 Bada This is a collection of Bada apps and games I've found from S5380K's Facebook and Tizenus.com. The app/game and file names, file location (MediaFire unless otherwise stated) and where they were listed are shown here.
openhandhelds mirror 2019-03-14 J2ME, Symbian, etc.... A mirror of all the downloads from openhandhelds.org
Huge Java Mobile Game Dump (67,000 files) 2018-06-08 J2ME Over 67,000 files from the FTPs of a couple of Java Mobile game sites. One - mastiwap.com - is now completely offline.
TOC Mobile 2019-10-12 J2ME, Symbian Mobile (Symbian/Java) games from TheOldComputer.com
Some J2ME games 2021-05-19 J2ME Some j2me.
Kahvibreak past releases 2021-01-13 J2ME Old releases of the Kahvibreak J2ME game collection
The J2ME and General Mobile Cleaned Uncurated Archive 2022-01-10 J2ME This is an attempt at preserving a huge library of software made for old mobile platforms.

This archive is complete and cleaned (removed of duplicated, broken, and unrelated files when possible). However, everything was performed automatically, so the collections might still have completely unrelated files in it.

Every section is independent of itself and some files that are in a collections might be present as duplicated in another.

Every collection is divided into 7z archives, and TXT files containing directory listings are available so you can search for a file in the text document and then know where to download it from using Archive.org zip explorer, without downloading the entire huge archives.

Collection 1: - Source: https://archive.org/details/J2MEarchivesMay2020.

Good Sorted Games Nokia 5800 XM 2022-02-17 J2ME Nokia 5800 Xpress Music curated game pack

This item is part of an effort to preserve and present, sorted (and tested to work proprely) java games for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. Here are the selection criteria : - 100% touchscreen java games, - 100% 640 x 360 pixel screen size/resolution, - 100% available in EN, most of the time also ES, FR, DE and sometimes IT, PT. - 100% no internet connexion required

I have done it, but do not forget to check the files for viruses if you are going to run them on a real phone !

You may also use the open-source FreeJ2ME emulator to play those games. You can find some more J2ME games links at my profile. If you find compatible games (with above criteria) not in that compilation/collection lying around somewhere, please, any help is appreciated : leave a message.

Good Sorted Games Nokia 6700 Slide 2022-02-17 J2ME Nokia 6700 Slide curated java game pack

This item is part of an effort to preserve and present, sorted (and tested to work proprely) java games for Nokia 6700 Slide. Here are the selection criteria : - 100% keyboard java games, - 100% 320 x 240 pixel screen size/resolution, - 100% available in EN, most of the time also in ES, FR, DE and sometimes IT, PT. - 100% no internet connexion required

I have done it, but do not forget to check the files for viruses if you are going to run them on a real phone !

You may also use the open-source FreeJ2ME emulator to play those games. You can find some more J2ME games links at my profile. If you find compatible games (with above criteria) not in that compilation/collection lying around somewhere, please, any help is appreciated : leave a message.

Nokia New Series 2008 2021-05-04 J2ME, Symbian A compilation of programs for Nokia mobile phones (both Symbian Series 60 and Series 30/40) in SIS and JAR (Java) formats.
Some Vxp And Java Games For Nokia 216 2020-07-06 Nokia MRE
Games for the Nokia 216 phone.
Mythroad (China Mobile/Cherry Mobile) games archive (MRP) 2021-04-23 MiniJ 2576 (with duplicates) Mythroad games I collected from random sites.
Mythroad Archive 2020-02-05 MiniJ Mythroad is a platform used by China Mobile and Cherry Mobile mobile phones. This is an archive of software that runs on Mythroad, all of which are in the .mrp file format.
DoCoMo i-Mode & EZplus App Archive 2020-04-09 i-mode, EZplus This contains ~600+ iMode & ~600+ EZweb games, tools, emulators/simulators & various items.
Japanese JAM JAR Pack 1.7z 2020-08-18 i-mode Using JSON files from 200817 Japanese Personal Site Pack 1, these are all the available I-Mode JAM and JAR files.

In subfolders based on URL path, not organized further or tested.

www1.clickdirect.jp i-mode, i-appli, ezWeb games 2022-03-04 i-mode, i-appli Recovered 500+ games combined from the site.
www.tukikuma.com i-mode, i-appli games 2022-03-05 i-mode Recovered 30 games from tukikuma.com.
Mitsubishi H8000 Series: Super Game Pack 2021-01-27 i-mode, EZweb Game pack for Mitsubishi navigation systems in the H8000 series. Along with some original games, it includes versions of Namco games designed for i-mode and EZweb-based phones. .cue/.bin dump.
destinypenguin DoJa archive 2021-01-02 Doja Archive of *.jad *.jam and *.jar files for Japanese feature phones listed on http://destinypenguin.web.fc2.com
Kemco JP i-mode/softbank game files 20/02/2022 i-mode Includes files of 22 games of which Kemco offered downloads for i-mode games.
gameinity.mints.ne.jp i-Appli/i-Mode Games 2022-02-25 i-mode I-appli games from gameinity.mints.ne.jp

Contains all 8 DoCoMo i-mode games that were uploaded on the site.

kemco.jp Softbank Games Data 2022-02-23 i-mode This is an archive of 22 Softbank games published by kemco.jp

They offered game data downloads for users so that they could put the data on an SD card, so when you bought the game, you didn't have to wait for the game download and enjoy it right away.

gappli.com i-mode games 2022-02-27 i-mode All games from gappli.com. There were 17 games on the site.
JP J2ME Megaman Mobile Game Archive 2021-01-17 J2ME (JPN Megaman Mobile) Japanese J2ME Megaman mobile games retrieved from http://themechanicalmaniacs.com/articles/keitai.php
Gameloft J2ME port collection 2022-02-20 J2ME/Android Collection of APKs from 4PDA. I wasted a lot of emails and time to do this. This contains all versions of every game in every resolution possible. They are either upscaled by hardware or stay in their original resolution. The lowest resolution available is 240x320, while the highest ones are 480x800 mostly, but some with higher resolutions
Collezione Giochi J2ME ITA 2023-02-11 J2ME Italian J2ME games collection
DSEffects Java Games Archive 2021-03-30 J2ME DsEffects was an italian mobile gaming company founded in 2000 by Dario Scaccia.
THQ Wireless Game Collection 2021-08-08 J2ME (THQ Wireless) This is my THQ Wireless game (.jar) collection.
Miscellaneous Flash Lite SWF files 2020-10-23 Flash Pack of miscellaneous SWF files (Likely compatible with Adobe Flash Lite) from Uzsmart.ru
J2ME Software archives - May 2020 2020-05-24 J2ME Preservation archive of software for the J2ME platform. May-2020 backup.
J2ME Personal Sanitized Archive 2020-12-27 J2ME This archive is more than a collection of .jar files gathered from the internet. Instead, is a sanitization project of a particular and reduced selection of games that i'm interested in.
(The J2ME Archives) Over 5000 Mobile Games 2018-11-02 J2ME Collection of 5000+ year 2002-2005 J2ME games for early Java mobile phones. Contains some pretty old B&W games for first generation Java phones like the Nokia 3410 or Siemens ones.
Nokia Hry 2020-08-10 J2ME Pack of Nokia games.
Java, Symbian apps & games 2020-08-09 J2ME, Symbian pack of stuff from the net.
Cellphone game packs from sCZther 2020-07-16 J2ME Cellphone game packs from sCZther.
Mobile Games - Symbian (20191008). 7z 2019-08-17 Symbian Symbian Mobile Games.
Collection of J2ME game packs 2020-07-06 J2ME Downloaded from various sites.
Nokia Games J2ME 2020-07-06 J2ME Around 560 Nokia J2ME games.
Siemens X6/X7 J2ME games 2020-07-06 J2ME (Siemens) J2ME games for the Siemens X6 and X7 cellphones.
SIEMENS ( E) 2021-10-12 J2ME (Siemens) Multimedia for siemens mobile phones

J2me games and apps, mmf, midi, wav, jpg and etc.

J2ME games 2021-01-21 J2ME Some J2ME games from a CD backup.
Random J2ME games 2020-07-06 J2ME A pack of J2ME cellphone games that was laying on my drive, from various sources.
240x320 S40 J2ME games 2020-07-06 J2ME Nokia S40 standard cellphone games with the resolution 240x320.
100+ Java J2ME 320x240 Personal Best Games Collection 2023-10-13 J2ME
500+ Java / J2ME Games (320x240; for use with J2ME Loader on Android consoles) 2022-02-14 J2ME But usually Java games were optimized for a resolution of 240x320 at that time. The consequence on Android consoles: much too thick black borders. This is where this package comes in: Here you'll find games with a resolution of 320x240, which at that time was supported by very few phones like the Nokia C03-00 or the E71.

As you can see on the picture of my Nintendo Switch, it's much more comfortable to play with this resolution.

I have curated a total of 540 games for you. Most of them are from Gameloft, GLU, EA, Digital Chocolate, Namco, GlobalFun and more.

Sony Ericsson K7/K8 J2ME games 2020-07-06 J2ME Games for the Sony Ericsson K7 and K8 cellphones.
Nokia 6230 J2ME games 2020-07-06 J2ME Games for the Nokia 6230 cellphone.
Mobiles24.com J2ME Complete Game Archive 2020-04-20 J2ME A complete copy of all 21,529 games available at Mobiles24 organized (many dupes of games for different resolution devices).
rugame.ml 2019-10-17 J2ME part2 Assorted Java software from rugame.ml
Mobile Games - J2ME (20191008) 2019-08-10 J2ME Collection of 279,000 J2ME Mobile Games.
Psychex 2019-09-15 J2ME Psychex's mobile Java game collection.
(The J2ME Archives) Pack of 800 J2ME games 2018-05-09 J2ME This item is part of an effort to archive as many J2ME software as possible before it disappears completely. Focus is on early era games (2002-2005).
(The J2ME Archives) 1000 J2ME Games Pack 2017-12-18 J2ME This item is part of an effort to archive as many J2ME software as possible before it disappears completely. Focus is on early era games (2002-2005).
(The J2ME Archives) Nokia Java Games 2019-08-01 J2ME This item is part of an effort to archive as many J2ME software as possible before it disappears completely. Focus is on early era games (2002-2005).
Huge Java Mobile Game Dump 2018-06-08 J2ME Over 103,000 files from the FTPs of a couple of Java Mobile game sites. One - mastiwap.com - is completely gone.
Nokia 3310 3G ( 2017) Game Pack 2019-07-18 J2ME This is a small collection of J2ME games that I (ONLYUSEmeFEET) have spent hours verifying that run on the new Nokia 3310 3G (2017).
J2ME Touch games 2020-07-06 J2ME (Touchscreen) Games for touch screen java cellphones.
Java 128x128 ulož.to dump 2019-05-06 J2ME Dump of various collections of 128x128 java phone games from the czech filesharing site Ulož.to
files.dertz.in 2019-07-29 J2ME Mobile Java games from files.dertz.in
Mpbus.com J2ME downloads section archive 2021-10-16 J2ME Scrape of the J2ME downloads section from Chinese site mpbus.com / mpbus.net
ChicDead26's Personal J2ME Archive 2021-08-14 J2ME This pack includes 283 games, ranging from popular games from back then to bootlegs of several kinds. May also include some roms, built-in with their respective emulators.
Java Games Collection (Beta Ver. 31.12.2019). 7z 2020-10-31 J2ME java cellphones games.
Pack of 300+ games for old java phones 2019-07-29 J2ME These are games in .jar format for old mobile phones before the smartphone era

Phones with Android or iOS won't run these, and even if you have a phone that can run them they aren't all compatible with all devices.

Mophun Archive 1.0 2021-01-02 Mophun Mirror The first release of the Mophun games archive.
Mobyware JARs 2019-02-07 J2ME Mobyware JARs
Mobyware SIS And SISX 2019-02-07 Symbian Mobyware SIS and SISX files.
Symbian^3 games 2023-04-07 Symbian Collection of games for Symbian S^3, Anna, Belle.
sasisa.ru 2019-02-14 J2ME Sasisa.ru's mobile games.
appdown.7723.cn 2019-02-14 J2ME appdown.7723.cn's mobile games.
Virtualdos.free.fr. 7z 2019-02-19 J2ME Java games.
terbaik.my.to.7z 2019-02-19 J2ME Java games, not a complete backup of the site.
Mobile J2ME Games 2020-09-19 J2ME Infinitesimally small piece of gaming history that would otherwise be lost to time.
47 Misc JAR Cell Phone Games 2021-09-29 J2ME From a pack I downloaded called TOP100 Handy Games - Nokia Siemens LG Motorola Samsung Sony Ericsson [English 2009] from Usenet. It is decidedly not 100 games.
Salinguneg.xtgem.com.7z 2019-02-19 J2ME Java games.
ExEn Games Collection 2022-01-28 ExEn A freeware solution developed by In-Fusio (French) around 2000. The company re-developed the ExEn V2 engine in 2002, which further improved the speed and expressiveness of mobile.

Available games 1/3.

ExEn games (In-fusio) 2021-12-04 ExEn A collection of a lot of ExEn games.
ExEn Game Collection 2021-09-19 ExEn This is a collection of ExEn phone games.
dedomil.net.7z 2019-02-15 J2ME Mobile games from dedomil.net.
mobile_soft 2019-05-04 J2ME A collection of various mobile games and applications from an open FTP at ftp://0893881793.static.corbina.ru.
J2ME Emulation software 2020-06-23 J2ME Collection of emulation sofware for J2ME devices. Classic computer and videogame console emulators. Source code and file authenticity where possible.
Java Games for 240x400 phones 2023-10-29 J2ME A collection of games for 240x400 Java touchscreen phones I have been collecting since 2019-2020.
Games and Apps For Windows Mobile 2020-07-06 Windows Mobile Some files from Reddit user locarnos. He found some discs in his garage and gratefully uploaded them to share! However, the links are now dead - I grabbed it while it was alive, so mirroring here.
Pocket PC and Windows Mobile/CE software, roms and mixed stuff 2021-05-17 Windows Mobile/CE, Pocket PC This is a dump of several stuff i collected from different sources over the course of several years, probably 2006-2010 or so. There is a filelist.txt with a listing of everything. This is from the era i had an Dell X51v, so there are tons of files related to this PDA, like different roms and stuff.
Microsoft - Xbox Games for Windows Phone (WP XBL Games) 2022-12-19 Windows Phone A mirror of the WP XBL Games repository usually accessible by installing Windows Universal Tool (WUT) onto a supported device. This collection is stated by WP8.1 & W10M Groups to contain nearly every Xbox Live-enabled game released for Windows Phone devices, with some titles even having multiple build versions preserved.
Rare handheld roms! Gizmondo, GP32, Zodiac, Game.com & more 2019-03-08 Gizmondo, GP32, Zodiac, Game.com https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4663159/Rare_handheld_roms__Gizmondo__GP32__Zodiac__Game.com___more
LeapFrog Didj file collection 2021-10-15 LeapFrog Didj Most games are here and the OS has been dumped. LeapFrog Connect requires you to be offline to work and you need an older OS like Windows Vista to get it to connect to your Didj. (I recommend an old laptop, as it works really well on those)
webOS App Museum (online browser) Palm/HP webOS (not LG webOS)
SDK / Tool
Java ME SDK 3.0 2019-01-01 J2ME SDK Java Platform, Micro Edition Software Development Kit 3.0
Copyright © 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
Sony Ericsson SDK (needed to emulate mascot capsule J2ME games) 2020-12-06 Sony Ericsson SDK Please use the JDK provided in the file section.
Star-2.0 API iαppli Development Kit 2019-01-11 Star 2.0 SDK Copyright (c) 1997-2011 Aplix Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright (c) 2000-2012 NTT DOCOMO, INC. All Rights Reserved.
Siemens SDK J2ME Emulators from siemens-club.ru 2019-05-04 Siemens Backup of the Siemens J2ME SDK Emulation tools from the now defunct site siemens-club.ru
Iappli Tool (dev Tools) 2021-05-21 Doja SDK SDK and emulator for building and emulating DoJa 1.0-5.1(wasn't able to find 2.5) and Start 1.0-2.0
Nokia 3410 SDK 1.0 & emulator (clear-rip) 2020-05-10 Nokia SDK Nokia 3410 SDK 1.0 (clear-rip)
  • Confirmed to work on Windows: XP/7/8.1 . Possibly works on Win98 and Win10
  • Initially acquired from the source full of viruses, now all viruses removed, and actually several emulation bugs eradicated (apparently viruses affected the emulation)
NOKIA 9110 SDK 2019-03-12 Nokia SDK Nokia's SDK for early GEOS-powered communicators, the 9000(i/il) and 9110(i).

This image containts SDK, emulator and documentation for nokia Communicator software development

Old BREW SDK extensions from brewx.qualcomm.com 2021-01-31 BREW SDK Old BREW SDK extensions from brewx.qualcomm.com
Nokia and Symbian SDKs and Dev tools 2019-01-28 Nokia & Symbian Development tools for Nokia and Symbian
Nokia and Symbian SDKs and Dev tools - Part 2 2019-02-02 Nokia & Symbian Development tools for Nokia and Symbian
Nokia and Symbian SDKs and Dev tools - Part 3 2021-01-16 Nokia & Symbian Development tools for Nokia and Symbian
i-mode-capture-footage 2021-01-26 i-mode footage
Complete Guide to i-mode Games (600DPI) 2020-04-19 i-mode Complete Guide to i-mode Games scanned with a Fujitsu fi-7460 at 600DPI. Two versions are included as well as a ZIP file containing the unaltered scans. The file tagged (Searchable) is compressed so has a smaller file size but is lower quality.
Palm OS Misc Collection 2020-08-15 PalmOS Mirrored from a Usenet posting. Lots of full versions and registration codes.
Bomberman mobile games Various Bomberman cellphone/mobile games
Mega.nz 40 GNEX (.sgs) and 69 SKT (.jar) games found in the archive.
Mega.nz Korean J2ME games.
Mophun Lot of mophun games.
Siemens 101x80 Siemens
J2ME Games Collection 10 GB J2ME games collection.
Mega.nz Symbian apps & games


Site(s) Rating
dedomil.net ★★★★★
phoneky.com ★★★★
RuGame Archive ★★★★
seclub.org ★★★
oldfag.top ★★★
series40.kiev.ua ★★★
sleza-mobile.ru ★★★
dertz.in ★★★
oldhandhelds.com ★★★
spaces.im ★★★
mobiles24.co ★★★
siemensx70.narod.ru (siemens only)

YouTube and Bilibili channels/blogs Places with game footage, reviews or gameplays

YT Channel/blog Related Language Active Link
J2ME Games J2ME English Yes


JAVA Mobile Games / Явa Мобильные Игры J2ME Russian / English Yes YT.png
動画投稿をする人【仮】 i-mode Japanese ? YT.png
KrZ One BREW/Zeebo English Yes YT.png
Lanzz J2ME English Yes YT.png
DigitalWarrior J2ME (Bootleg) English Yes YT.png
Infernis J2ME Russian Yes YT.png
KTOPlay J2ME Russian Yes YT.png
- GENESIS - J2ME Russian Yes YT.png
JavaIASHNIK J2ME Russian Yes YT.png
Stranno J2ME Spanish / English Yes YT.png
Flashpoint Gameplays J2ME English Yes YT.png
Java Touch Game J2ME English Yes YT.png
game java J2ME English Yes YT.png
Erasmus Locochon SA J2ME Spanish Yes YT.png
Alex DT J2ME English Yes YT.png
Saitolc J2ME English Yes YT.png
Realsalewa Wireless J2ME English Yes YT.png
hirudov2d J2ME English Yes YT.png
Games Sky J2ME English Yes YT.png
Java Gamer J2ME English Yes YT.png
Oldschool Channel's J2ME English Yes YT.png
Arbuziko Style J2ME English Yes YT.png
Java Games Collection J2ME English Yes YT.png
Chlorum17 J2ME English Yes YT.png
Jundy My Friends J2ME English Yes YT.png
Олдскульно-Игровой канал Mister Rysgar J2ME Russian ? YT.png
Dony Setyawan J2ME Chinese Yes YT.png
LL English Channel J2ME English No YT.png
J2ME English No YT.png


セリエス i-mode Japanese No YT.png
さむちゃい i-mode Japanese No YT.png
东夷少女 J2ME Chinese Yes YT.png
r/J2MEGaming J2ME English Yes Reddit.png
阿拉雷叔 Uncle Arale J2ME/Symbian/BREW/iOS Chinese Yes YT.pngBilibili.png
wjp919 J2ME/Symbian/N-Gage Chinese Yes Bilibili.png
一宿林子 J2ME Chinese Yes Bilibili.png

Discord server[edit]

Name Related Link
Kahvibreak Cellphone games preservation (mainly J2ME) Discord.png
EKA2L1 Symbian Discord.png
J2ME Loader J2ME Discord.png
SquirrelJME J2ME Discord.png
ROMphonix Club Devices Discord.png
post j2me devs. J2ME Discord.png
r/J2MEGaming J2ME Discord.png
JavaGames J2ME Discord.png
series40.kiev.ua J2ME Discord.png
Nokia N-Gage N-gage Discord.png
PalmDB PalmOS Discord.png
Mu PalmOS Discord.png


LOST: Most requested games!

Title Platform (s) Year Developer Publisher Genre(s) Note(s) ref
Gangstar: Samurai / サムライ・ギャングスター BREW, i-mode, Yahoo! Ketai, J2ME (English translation and a Java port around 2010–2011) December, 2009 Gameloft Japan Gameloft Action [1]
Alone: The Horror Begins J2ME, BREW? October 13, 2005 Centerscore Vivendi Action [2]


Japanese Features phone[edit]

Korean cellphone[edit]

Chinese mobiles[edit]



For 2D games

Site Name Active Recommended
seclub.org Yes
myt230.narod.ru Yes
t610cce.narod.ru Yes
users.atw.hu Yes
sites.google.com_trpsthakur Yes
sonyericsson-club.narod.ru Yes
sonyericssonsoft.narod.ru Yes
crazyapple.narod.ru Yes
dalbar.wz.cz Yes
erics-son.narod.ru Yes
romulset3-0.narod.ru Yes
pcbanan.wz.cz Yes
t610.ru Yes
terewong.com Yes
set300.wz.cz No (Archived)
ngager.boom.ru No (Archived)
mophungames.wz.cz No (Archived)
all4t310.private.pl No (Archived)
tsixten.co.uk No (Archived)
t-610.wz.cz No (Archived)
mobile-stars.ru No (Archived)
8ung.at No (Archived)
mophungames.com No (Archived)
t610elinks.tripod.com No (Archived)
rudy211.nsf.pl No (Archived)
rowa-computer.com No (Archived)
gemmyplanet.com No (Archived)
binary-graffitti.com No (Archived)
sonyericsson.paradisezone.net No (Archived)
clubsonyericsson.com No (Archived)
mobiledia.com No (Archived)
netova-plantaz.unas.cz No (Archived)
m.wangchao.net.cn Yes
forumponsel.mw.It Yes
m.mobile01.com Yes
joescat.com Yes
kowalczyktomasz.atspace.com Yes
javaonthebrain.com Yes
vsresurs.narod.ru Yes
coreyshotsite2.tripod.com Yes
java2phone.ru No
set300.wz.cz No
sonyericsson.paradisezone.net No
Appli Archives extracted games No (Archived)

For 3D games

— Mophun 3D


— Mophun Games Launcher

★ .sis

★ Programmes

★ Documents

Dead sites (Archived)