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Xbox Network/Xbox LIVE
Xbox Live.png
Developer(s) Microsoft
Latest version N/A
Active Yes
Platform(s) Xbox
Xbox 360
Xbox One
Xbox Series X and Series S
Type Subscription service
Website Xbox live

Xbox network, formerly known as Xbox LIVE is the online service used by Xbox consoles.


Xbox Live emulation is possible with Insignia: Free replacement for Microsoft's servers for the original Xbox console, allowing online functionality to be restored for the first time since 2010 which is allowing you to play online with friends and strangers.

Xbox 360[edit]

Xbox Live Connectivity

Xenia will never be able to connect to the real Xbox Live network. A simulated Live-like network is possible, however anything that interfaces with the official Microsoft services is not only not possible, but not something the project seeks to enable[1].

Simulated Xbox Live Network: Implementing the system APIs for friend's list, leaderboards, etc. Reusing Steam or some other service would be ideal[2].
Game Servers: Some multiplayer games are peer-to-peer, however many have some server component required for either matchmaking or actual session hosting. Though it'd be possible to work with such homebrew servers if projects sprung up to support them Xenia itself will not be attempting to do so[3].
Xenia WebServices
The Xenia WebServices project, currently under development, simulates Xbox Live functionality for P2P online multiplayer games. You need to use "xenia-canary-netplay" fork to connect. This fork also could be used to communicate with private servers for games that require a dedicated server for multiplayer features. In this regard, games that require a custom server will not work unless a fan-made, private server is created. This is outside the scope of this fork or Xenia WebServices and will have to be developed by the community. See ongoing development for "xenia-canary-netplay" fork and Xenia-WebServices on xenia-netplay discord channel.
To connect to Xenia WebServices servers, you can use the following addresses: "" or "". Simply change the "api_adress=" value in the "xenia-canary-netplay.config.toml" file to one of these addresses. You can also visit their webpages to view active online users and lobbies/sessions. See xenia-canary-netplay config setup page for more information.

Xbox One[edit]

Xbox One Exclusive features for Xbox Live

There is no preservation project for emulating Xbox Live private platform server service for Xbox One at the moment, or any kind of implementation on the emulator side to connect official servers.

Xbox Series X and Series S[edit]

Xbox network - rebranding

There is no preservation project for emulating Xbox Network private platform server service for Xbox Series X/S at the moment, or any kind of implementation on the emulator side to connect official servers.

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