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PlayStation Mobile
PlayStation Mobile.png
Developer(s) Sony
Latest version N/A
Active No
Platform(s) PlayStation Vita \ PlayStation TV
Type Online Service and Software Framework
Website PlayStation Mobile

PlayStation Mobile (PSM), formerly PlayStation Suite was a software framework used to provide downloadable PlayStation content for devices that meet PlayStation Certified requirements. This includes devices that both run Android 2.3 and met specific hardware requirements, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation TV. PlayStation Mobile was based on the Mono platform.

An open beta was released in April 2012 before it officially launched in most regions of the world on October 3, 2012. In May 2013, Sony announced that the publisher license fee would be waived in an attempt to entice more developers to create games for the service. PlayStation Mobile 2.00 released in 2014 would only target PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV.

It was announced in 2015 that PlayStation Mobile will be shutting down. The service never gained traction despite availability on a range of handsets by many manufacturers. The storefront was closed in July 2015, with the service completely shutting down on September 10, 2015.[1][2][3] The Playstation Portal took it's place.

This software framework shouldn't be confused with PlayStation App.

Providing playable selected games (there were 683 games available on the service) via an Android application known as PlayStation Mobile and were available to devices via the PlayStation Store. It changes the interface of the device from that of a phone to the XrossMediaBar, closely resembling that of the PlayStation Portable. A dedicated section in Google Play specifically for games for the system allowing users to download games on the go is also added. Titles shown off internally on the device include PSP games, such as God of War and LittleBigPlanet, as well as older PlayStation games; there were also plans for future games incorporating augmented reality similar to Invizimals. The prices of the games were expected to be under US$10, considerably lower than the PlayStation Portable's price range of less than US$40 per game.

Games released under the program could have the DualShock controls overlaid on top of the touchscreen, however for devices which have analog buttons such as the PlayStation Vita and Xperia Play, the controls were mapped directly to them. Developers could also make purely touch screen games, if they so choose.

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