Game Master

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Game Master
HartungGameMaster 800x800.png
Alt-Name Systema 2000 (UK)
Super Game (FR)
Game Tronic(FR)
Game Master (FR)
Game Plus (FR)
Game Master (IT)
Developer Hartung
Distributor Systema, Videojet, Delplay, Hartung, Watara, Virella
Type Handheld game console
Generation Fourth generation
Release date 1990
Discontinued 199?

The Game Master is a handheld game console developed by Hartung. It was released under several different names, such as the Systema 2000.[N 1]


Name Platform(s) Latest Version FLOSS Active Recommended
PC / x86
MAME Windows Linux macOS FreeBSD git artifacts[N 2]
libretro core[N 3]
  2. CI-Windows CI-Linux CI-Macos
  3. As 0.251, 0.139 (2010), 0.78 (2003), 0.37b5 (2000)