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Atari Lynx
Developer Atari
Type Handheld game console
Generation Fourth generation
Release date 1989
Discontinued 1995

The Atari Lynx was a fourth-generation handheld game console released by Atari on September 1, 1989 and it retailed for $179.99. It has a WDC 65SC02 CPU. Notably, it was the world's first handheld system that used a color LCD screen, as well as having fairly advanced graphics for the time.

Unlike contemporaneous machines, its architecture is based upon a frame buffer and a scaling blitter, providing both 2d sprite and background scaling and hardware support for lines and filled triangles. Because it has no inherent concept of a tile map or any sprite-specific hardware, the drawing budget is per frame rather than per line; there is no enforced limit in terms of the number of sprites or sprites per line other than that implied by the amount of drawing that can be achieved within an acceptable frame rate.


Name Platform(s) Latest version Retro
libretro FLOSS Active Recommended
PC / x86
Mednafen Windows Linux macOS FreeBSD 1.31.0-UNSTABLE
MAME Windows Linux macOS FreeBSD 0.253
Felix Windows git
OpenEmu macOS 2.3.3
Handy Windows 0.95
Handypsp PSP 0.95.1
Handy VITA Vita git
WiiHandy Wii git
Handy-3DS Nintendo 3DS 1.1bgit ✓ (RetroArch core)
PLynx PSP 0.9 ~
Handy-PSP PSP 0.01


Based upon Handy, but unlike other forked cores, its emulation only improves upon the original. Despite having the .lnx extension, No-Intro ROMs aren’t directly compatible with Mednafen nor Handy and must be converted with make_lnx, which is bundled with Handy.
Inspired by Handy. Created in C++20 using DirectX. Under MIT License. It's a Cycle Exact Atari Lynx Emulator with good compatibility. It has a simple GUI and can load roms in .lnx, .lyx and .o format, change rotation and eeprom properties, has Xinput Gamepad support and redefinable key mapping.
Hasn't been updated since 2007. Only included here for reference.


All emulators require a dump of the 512-byte BIOS named lynxboot.img. On Mednafen, put it on the root folder.

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