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The following hardware, software, firmware and games have not been preserved and are endangered. What is listed here is at higher risk of becoming lost than most un-preserved items.


  • Hover your cursor over text with * for more info.
  • Each item listed is given a rating on how severe the situation is on a scale of 1 to 3. usually the more issues the item has, the more likely it will given 3.


Name Year Category HS* Severity Description*
Lagonda Dashboard Computer 1976 In-Car Computer 3 The Lagonda had the first in-car computer and thanks to the Z80 MPU, Its also is an early example of computer miniaturization (For More Info: Jalopnik (Video) Gizmodo)


Name Year HS* Severity Description*
CAI System 1990 ? Exclusivity sold in Taiwan, the CAI System is most likely the first completely original Taiwanese designed console. made in Taiwan for Taiwanese customers.
Gamate 3D 1983 2
ProScreen 1984 2
Teachermate 2008 3
Variety 1983 2


Name Year Category HS* Severity Description*
DoDonPachi Campaign Version 1997 Arcade 3 A arrange of the Bullet Hell arcade game "DoDonPachi" with a feature of Hyper which was first seen probably in the campaign version and was widely available later in different game DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou and become a staple of the genre. It's significant in Bullet Hell communities because of having Hyper even before Dai-Ou-Jou and likely only a single board was ever manufactured, so it is needful to preserve it.
(CD-ROM Version)
1994 Computer ? 2 Game for the PC-98

Formerly Endangered[edit]

Name Year Category Description
OMNI Games 1980 - Unknown Console The OMNI games have been preserved since 2020, and are available here.
Crayon Shin Chan 3 2003 Console Was recently found and is available here A special version of the game is required to get it to work with Nuance which can be downloaded here