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Expand HBMAME page

Update 3DS and Citra pages with ROM decryption - add AES key txt to emulator files.

Multi-system emulator - Takeda Common Source Code Project

Other NP2 forks (fmgen) and T98-Next

ROM links - emuline

Expand Macintosh emulators page

Expand all stubs

Model 2 emulator upscaling

Update ZiNc and add PSXMAME.

Make pages for calculators.

PSX plugins - need old versions of GSDX and LilyPad before PSX dropped.

Add IBM Mainframe/Hercules - this and other obscure computer emulators can come from Computer History Wiki

Pinball - some basic setup info for VPinMAME and add Pinball Arcade and Zaccaria Pinball

Add fruit machine

Add neo kobe roms/emulator packs

Add trurip and goodsets preservation projects

Preservation projects - TUHS, world of spectrum, atari 2600 ROM archive, demoscene archive, win3xo, total dos collection, GameBase64

SIMH page

Add updated way to use wii U USB helper

Note on PCSX2 plugins - don't change and they are going away soon

Which DOSBox forks to use for what purpose

Note on SNESGT for satellaview

Clean link to Makaron EX without malware

Comparison of two 32X emulators

MAME frontends - QMC2 update, MESSUI, criticism of MAME32 derivatives, negatron.

Link to leaked NESTicle source code