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Patreon is a service that allows fans to contribute to creators' projects on a recurring basis (where they're known as patrons). A ton of emulator developers are already using it so if you wish to support any project with money, we've listed the accounts below. We also have a page on other ways to support emulation projects.


Name System Patreon link Early access Other rewards
Cemu Wii U cemu Exclusive news
Citra Nintendo 3DS citraemu Discord, exclusive news, technical support, development polls
Cxbx-Reloaded Xbox, Sega Chihiro (Arcade, WIP) LukeUsher Exclusive news
DobieStation PlayStation 2 dobiestation Discord
EKA2L1 Symbian fewdspuck Priority support via Discord
higan Multi-system byuu
libretro Multi-system libretro Discord
melonDS Nintendo DS Arisotura (formally Staplebutter)
mGBA Nintendo GBA, GB, GBC mgba Special icon, name in emulator
Nova Sega Saturn, Sega Titan Video (Arcade) nova_emu Exclusive news, name in emulator
Planet Virtual Boy emulator Virtual Boy GuyPerfect
Play! PlayStation 2 jpd002 Discord
OpenEmu Multi-system openemu Name in emulator
Orbital PlayStation 4 AlexAltea Discord, exclusive news
Project64 Nintendo 64 Project64 Remove prompts for support
Retro Virtual Machine ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC retrovirtualmachine Exclusive news, name in emulator
RPCS3 PlayStation 3 Nekotekina Discord, exclusive news, technical support, development polls, name in emulator
Ryujinx Nintendo Switch ryujinx Discord
TeknoParrot Windows-based Arcade systems Teknogods Exclusive emulator features, Discord, exclusive news
Vita3K PlayStation Vita Vita3K Discord, name in readme, higher priority on reported issues
Xenia Xbox 360 xenia_project Discord
Yabause Sega Saturn yabause Name in emulator, documentation, support
yuzu Nintendo Switch yuzuteam Discord, exclusive news, prioritized technical support, development polls


Name Description Patreon link Rewards
anodium Citra progress report and blog writer anodium
CAPS0ff Chip decapping, currently used for improving MAME's emulation. 4805718 Chance to influence what they work on, early blog posts
GLideN64 One of the more popular N64 plugins. Gliden64 Early access, exclusive news
JayFoxRox XQEMU, Citra, Sega Lindbergh, pinball emulation, open-source PC game ports. jayfoxrox
Lioncache Core developer on Dolphin, Citra and yuzu. 9377665 Monthly cat photos
m64p A package of Mupen64Plus, GLideN64 and a custom GUI. m64p Access to downloads
MoochMcGee Emudev who mostly works on MAME and 86Box. moochmcgee Name on the Patreon page
ROMhacking.net Rom hacking website. The biggest(?) database of rom hacks and translations. Romhackingnet Site themes, site development forum, ad-free, sticky article, new site feature or improvement of your choosing
The Video Game Preservation Collective (VGPC) Video game preservation. Contributes to redump.org, No-Intro and Internet Archive. vgpc Name on website
Zophar's Domain Emulation/game data archival website. zophar Ad-free, your own post, link to your emulation project
Martin Korth Developer of the No$ emulators. martin_korth