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Developer(s) PatrickvL, LukeUsher
Latest version 0.1
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows 7 and later
Architecture(s) x86_64
Emulates Xbox, Sega Chihiro (Arcade, WIP)
Support ($) Patreon
License GNU GPLv2
Source code GitHub

Cxbx-Reloaded is an open-source Xbox and Sega Chihiro (WIP) emulator for Windows.


Windows Latest Dev build
Compiled by appveyor


"Cxbx-Reloaded began its life as a fork of Cxbx, with added 64-bit support. Work is currently underway to back-port some of the improvements made from Dxbx."

The project reported 100 games as playable since their progress report from 06/2020, covering 10% of the entire Xbox library.

Historically, it patched Xbox executables (xbe's) to get them to run on the client (a high-level approach); however, LLE-GPU support was introduced on April 1, 2018.[1] As a result, many more titles can boot in-game now, albeit with many issues still. The team is gradually porting this emulator's render code from its old Direct3D 8 graphics over to Direct3D 9 including porting the pixel and vertex shaders to the Shader Model 2.X language or later. This allows the use of more instruction slots and registers, allowing Xbox pixel and vertex shaders to be more accurately converted to the host. This has the potential to solve a massive amount of rendering issues, from broken polygons, missing animations, t-pose models to crashes.

Changelog: v0.1. Milestone: v0.2 planning.


  1. The official website was once designed as a compatibility list with additional categories in digits, letters, and xdk-derived symbol class numbers. It opened sometime around mid-2016 but then closed in early 2017 when xbes from pirated games were anonymously classified as playable despite that not being the case even on legitimate copies. Until a redesign is ready for the public, the link redirects to the GitHub repository.
  2. Please wait as it loads in all active issues. It covers games, demos, disc content, homebrew like emulators, XDK samples, and etc.


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