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Developer(s) Teknogods team
Latest version N/A
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows 7 and up
Emulates Windows-based Arcade systems
Website google it
Support ($) Patreon
Source code GitHub (OpenParrot), GUI

TeknoParrot is a closed-source compatibility layer for Windows PCs to run games originally made for Windows-based arcade systems. It includes the ability to map standard PC gear like steering wheels and joysticks to the game's input.

The latest [FREE] version is N/A. You can get the newest Patreon version with exclusive features by paying at least 5$ via Patreon each month.


  • google it

List of supported systems

Main article: [Wiki lists]
  • eX-Board (Maker: Examu. 2008-2011.)
  • Namco ES3X (2013–2018)
  • Sega Lindbergh (1.51. 2005–2015.)
  • Sega Europa-R (2008–2010)
  • Sega RingEdge/RingEdge 2/RingWide
  • Taito Type-X/Type-X2/Type-X3

Digital Distribution Platforms

There are arcade video game network systems from several companies that allow arcade vendors the ability to download a game into their cabinet, as opposed to just replacing the whole cabinet when they want a new game. TeknoParrot supports many games from these following digital distribution platforms:


TeknoParrot started its life as a closed-source project built by a few members of Teknogods and had an accompanying and highly successful Patreon account to support its continued development.

Since version 1.66 of TeknoParrot was released publicly on early September 2018, the Teknogods team released a partially open-source version of the emulator to allow more people to contribute to it. These two open-source software, that were launched, are called "OpenParrot" and "TeknoParrotUI" (GUI for Windows that works with both TeknoParrot and OpenParrot).


"TeknoParrot Online" is an included executable that creates and connects people to user-hosted lobbies.

Multi-JVS support that enable up to 4 connected players to play a game together through TeknoParrot was first added for the game Virtua Tennis 4 in version 1.52c (May 30, 2018).

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