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Developer(s) Teknogods team
Latest version N/A
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows 7 and up
Emulates PC-based Arcade systems
Website TeknoParrot.com
Support ($) Patreon
Source code GitHub (OpenParrot), GUI

TeknoParrot is a closed-source compatibility layer for Windows PCs to run games originally made for Windows-based and some Linux-based arcade systems. It includes the ability to map standard PC gear like steering wheels and joysticks to the game's input.

The latest version is

Some features and game supports are locked in the free version. You can unlock Patreon exclusive features by paying at least 5$ via Patreon each month.


Windows Official release

List of supported systems

Main article: Arcade system board (Wikipedia)

TeknoParrot currently supports over 170 arcade titles and many PC-based arcade boards, and the emulation of these and more titles continue to be improved.

Supported boards: (Seen on main page)

  • eX-Board (Maker: Examu. 2008-2011.)
  • Gaelco PC-based hardware (2003-2005)
  • Global VR PC Based (American firm from CA. Runs few games.)
  • Konami PC Based
    • Wartran Troopers (Released 2004)
    • Silent Hill: The Arcade (Initial release 2007)
    • GTI Club 3: Supermini Festa! (Released 2008)
  • Namco N2 (2005-2010)
  • Namco ES3 A/B/X (2013–2019)
  • Raw Thrills PC Based (American firm from Illinois. Often cooperates with Illinois-based developer Play Mechanix. Runs many games from 2004 onward.)
  • Sega Lindbergh (1.51. 2005–2015.)
  • Sega Europa-R (2008–2010)
  • Sega RingEdge/RingEdge 2/RingWide (2009-2014)
  • Sega Nu (Vanilla/1.1/2/SX/SX 1.1) (2013-)
  • Sega PC based
    • Ford Racing: Full Blown (Released 2006)
    • Daytona Championship USA (AKA 'Daytona USA 3', released 2017.)
  • Taito Type-X/Type-X2/Type-X Zero/Type-X3 (Type-X4 is still WIP at this time)

Additional platforms (Not mentioned on the official website's home page. Be sure to check their Discord server or Patreon notices regularly or the new Compatibility page made in 2019-2020.):

  • Team Play Inc./Game Refuge Inc.
    • Star Trek: Voyager - The Arcade Game (Released 2002)
    • Police Trainer 2 (Released 2003)
  • Namco BNA1 Lite (2018-2020)
  • Sega ALLS UX (HX) (2018-2020)
  • Wahlap Tech PC based (Chinese firm.)
  1. Note: There is a thread at emuline forums that lists all the available compatible titles for TeknoParrot. This may help to detect the missing titles not mentioned in Tekno's official site or Patreon posts.

Digital Distribution Platforms

There are arcade video game network systems from several companies that allow arcade vendors to download a game into their cabinet, as opposed to just replacing the whole cabinet when they want a new game. TeknoParrot supports many games from the following digital distribution platforms:

  • ALL.Net P-ras MULTI (Sega's network. Sega's digital distribution system for arcade games in Japan, utilizing the ALL.Net online service. Games mainly from Sega and Bandai Namco, sometimes third parties. Emulated since 1.60a.)
  • NESiCAxLive (Taito's network. Games from SNK, Cave, and Arc System Works. Emulated since 1.60a.)


TeknoParrot started its life as a closed-source project built by a few members of Teknogods and had an accompanying and highly successful Patreon account to support its continued development.

Since version 1.66 of TeknoParrot was released publicly in early September 2018, the Teknogods team released a partially open-source version of the emulator to allow more people to contribute. These two pieces of software are called "OpenParrot" and "TeknoParrotUI" (GUI for Windows that works with both TeknoParrot and OpenParrot).

TeknoParrot has been changed to rolling update now. New features would be pushed to the built-in updater when available, and the TeknoParrot website only hosts a certain version and an online installer called TPBootStrapper. Users could either use TPBootStrapper to download and install the latest version or download a legacy version and then upgrade to the latest one via the built-in updater.


"TeknoParrot Online" is an included executable that creates and connects people to user-hosted lobbies.

Multi-JVS support enables up to 4 connected players to play a game together through TeknoParrot. It was first added to Virtua Tennis 4 in version 1.52c (May 30, 2018).

However, TeknoParrot lacks emulation for official cloud saving/multiplayer features presented some games such as All.Net (SEGA), NESYS (Taito), eAmusement (Konami), etc., which would cause some games to be unable to save progress (at least in an orthodox way), unlock features/contents, and/or join Internet multiplayer games.

TeknoParrot is now working on the emulation of the All.Net and Bana Passport server for some games, and this feature currently requires Patreon support.

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