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While not strictly emulation per se (hence why Wine stands for "Wine Is Not an Emulator"), compatibility layers allow software written for one operating system to be run on a different OS, often by translating API and system calls made by an application to their equivalent calls in the host operating system. In theory, this should allow for near-native performance since no processor emulation takes place, but in practice certain software such as games tend to run a bit slower such as in the case of OpenGL to Direct3D translation as done through Wine. Additionally, compatibility layers may also use emulation in order to run software built for a different architecture.

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Name Operating System(s) Latest Version Active Recommended Runs the following software
Wine Linux, macOS, Android 3.0.3 Windows applications and games
Wineskin macOS 1.7 Windows applications and games
Proton Linux 3.7 Beta Windows games
TeknoParrot Windows 1.80 Windows-based arcade games
WineVDM Windows v0.6.0 16-bit Windows apps and games.
WoW Windows ? Windows 9x apps and games.
Win3mu Windows ? Windows 3.x apps and games.
Ardi Executor Windows, Linux 2.1.17 Mac OS software up to System 6