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Original developer(s) Shay Green (gblargg)
Current developer(s) Christopher Snowhill
Latest version 0.7.0b1
Active No (Old core)
Yes (libretro core)
Platform(s) Windows, libretro
Emulates NES
Website kode54.net
Source code GitHub (kode54's version)
GitHub (libretro core)

QuickNES is an open-source Famicom (NES) emulator. It is also available as a libretro core for RetroArch.


The latest QuickNES emulator made by Christopher Snowhill (AKA 'kode54') is a fast and heavily modified variant of the code originally made in 2003-2005 by Shay Green (aka 'Blargg' on his website or 'gblargg' on GitHub). Chris added his own open-source Windows front-end to his QuickNES core. 'Blargg' is the one who developed the strident emulation accuracy tests for many emulators striving to simulate the Game Boy and GB Color hardware as closely as possible. He also created his own NTSC Filters, which replicate the analog signals that the consoles output to the TV, and has been used in many emulators for the NES, SNES and 2D Sega consoles (SMS & GG).

Christopher Snowhill's core of QuickNES, that was first uploaded to GitHub on January 11, 2010, was abandoned on early December 2014. However the libretro core, derived from that old core on December 9, 2012, is still active, and other programmers have introduced many improvements including adding more mappers.

Developer's experience[edit]

He has made a number of minor contributions to various projects, including a number of console emulators, like ZSNES and Snes9x. And he has contributed a number of patches to the SNES emulator formerly known as bsnes.