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PlayStation Vita
Developer Sony
Type Handheld game console
Generation Eighth generation
Release date 2011
Predecessor PlayStation Portable
Emulated ~

If you have a PS Vita or PSTV on firmware version 3.60 to 3.73, you can turn it into a decent emulation device by installing the HENkaku homebrew enabler. If you're on the 3.60 firmware, you can obtain it here, for 3.65-3.73 use Final h-encore. Those on firmware versions prior to 3.60 can update manually by following the instructions here. Furthermore, on versions 3.60 and 3.65 it's possible to use a bootloader patch called enso, which loads HENkaku automatically at boot: Ensō for 3.60, 3.65. It's possible to downgrade firmware version with a tool called modoru.



Available cores
Core Game/System Working? Notes
2048 2048
blueMSX MSX/SVI/ColecoVision/SG-1000
DeSmuME Nintendo DS
DOSBox 286 and 386 Virtual keyboard does not work
EightyOne Sinclair ZX 81
FinalBurn Alpha (2012) Arcade
  • Uses FBA v0.2.97.30 ROM sets
  • Main core (fbalpha2012_libretro) does not work, but platform-specific cores run at full speed
FinalBurn Neo
FUSE ZX Spectrum Loading more than one ROM in a single session will crash RetroArch
Gambatte Game Boy/Color
Gearsystem Sega systems (SMS/GG/SG-1000) Use Genesis Plus GX or Picodrive instead
Genesis Plus GX Sega systems (SMS/GG/GEN/SCD/SG-1000) Redbook audio hangs when suspending or pausing RetroArch
gpSP Game Boy Advance ~50-60 FPS with dynarec
Handy Atari Lynx
MAME (2000) Arcade
  • Uses MAME 0.37b5 ROM sets
  • Up to 60 FPS depending on game
MAME (2003)
  • Uses MAME 0.78 ROM sets
  • 30 FPS or less, FBN is recommended instead
MAME (2003Plus)
  • Uses MAME 0.78 ROM sets
  • 30 FPS or less, FBN is recommended instead
Mednafen Neo Geo Pocket/Color Loading more than one ROM in a single session will crash RetroArch
PC Engine
Virtual Boy ~25-30 FPS
WonderSwan/Color Full speed on WS games, ~45-60 FPS on WSC games
Nestopia UE NES ~55-60 FPS, use FCEUmm instead
NXEngine Cave Story
PCSX-ReARMed PlayStation ~50-60 FPS at standard resolution
PicoDrive Sega systems (SMS/GG/GEN/SCD/32X/Pico) 2D games run full speed, 3D games run about 30 FPS or less
PokeMini Pokemon Mini
PrBoom Doom
ProSystem Atari 7800
RACE Neo Geo Pocket/Color Least accurate but fastest NGP/C core, Use Mednafen (Beetle NeoPop) instead
Snes9x 2002 (PocketSNES) Super Nintendo Least accurate but fastest SNES core
Snes9x 2005 (CATSFC) ~55-60 FPS on standard games, ~50 FPS on Super FX games
Snes9x 2005+ (CATSFC Plus) Same as Snes9x 2005 but with better sound, at the cost of a few FPS
Snes9x 2010 (Snes9x Next) Most accurate but slowest SNES core (~40 FPS)
Stella Atari 2600 Use Stella 2014 instead
Stella 2014 Atari 2600
TGB Dual Game Boy/Color
TyrQuake Quake ~40-50 FPS, use vitaQuake instead
VBA-Next Game Boy Advance Barely runs full speed.
vecx Vectrex
VICE x128 Commodore 128
VICE x64 (fast) Commodore 64
VICE x64sc (accurate)
VICE xpet Commodore PET
VICE xplus4 Commodore Plus4
VICE xvic Commodore VIC20
Yabause Sega Saturn Technically works but is unplayably slow


Super Nintendo[edit]

Name Version SuperFX Recommended
CATSFC-libretro-vita Git ✓** ✓*
Snes9xVITA Git ✓**

* Retroarch has better SNES emulation
** SuperFX emulation isn't running at full speed

Game Boy/Color/Advance[edit]

Name Version GB GBC GBA Recommended
mGBA 0.8.4 ~*
RealBoy-Vita Git
UO gpSP Kai (Adrenaline) v3.4 test 4 build 225 ✗**
TempGBA4PSP-mod (Adrenaline) Git ✗**

* GBC works perfectly, GBA is slow (~40-50 FPS depending on the game) but highly compatible.
** Needs to run through Adrenaline. Use Retroarch's gpSP core instead.

Nintendo DS[edit]

Name Version Recommended
DeSmuME-Vita (MasterFeizz) Git ✗*
DeSmuME-Vita (xerpi) Source** ?

* No dynamic recompiler, runs very slow
** No official binary available, but an unofficial one can be found here.

Nintendo 64[edit]

Name Version Recommended
DaedalusX64-vitagl 0.4 source ✓*
DaedalusX64 (Adrenaline) Git ~**

* WIP, Some stutters, See here for compatibilty.
** Needs to run through Adrenaline, Some stutters, Average compatibilty


Name Version GEN SCD SMS GG Recommended
Genesis Plus GX Git


PlayStation 1[edit]

Name BIN/CUE ISO PSX2PSP Multi-Disc Games Recommended
PCSX-ReARMed (Retroarch) ~

PlayStation Portable[edit]

Name Recommended

Other systems[edit]

Atari Lynx[edit]

  • HandyVITA (Download: Git)

Neo Geo Pocket/Color[edit]

  • NeopopVITA (Download: Git)

Amiga 500/1200[edit]

  • UAE4All2 (Download: Git)

ZX Spectrum[edit]



Name Version Doom Heretic/Hexen Chex ZDoom Compatibility Multiplayer Recommended
VitaDoom Git ?
Chocolate Doom Git
PRBoom (Retroarch) 2.5.0 ~*
Odamex Git ~ (ZDoom 1.22) ~**

* Chex Quest is very glitchy
** Very WIP, sound is not working, multiplayer is disabled.

Quake I[edit]

Name CD Audio Support Multiplayer Texture Pack Support Recommended
TyrQuake (Retroarch)

Quake II[edit]

Name CD Audio Support Multiplayer Texture Pack Support Recommended

Quake III[edit]

Name Multiplayer Recommended

Wolfenstein 3D[edit]

Name Spear of Destiny Recommended

Return to Castle Wolfenstein[edit]

Name Multiplayer Recommended
vitaRTCW ~ (WIP) ✓*

* Runs at about 20-30 FPS.

Duke Nukem 3D[edit]

Name Music Recommended
EDuke32 Vita ✓*

* Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition is also available for PSVITA


Name Multiplayer Recommended

Hexen II[edit]

Name CD Audio Support Texture Pack Support Recommended
vitaHexenII ?


  • Cannonball (Download: Git)


  • DevilutionX (Download: Git)

Prince of Persia[edit]

  • SDL Prince of Persia Vita (Download: Git)
  • Prince Of Persia (cpasjuste) (Download: VitaDB)

Star Trek Voyager[edit]

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