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Developer(s) fleroviux
Latest version 1.5 (Stable)
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows
Emulates Game Boy Advance
License GNU GPLv3
Source code GitHub
BIOS/Keys Optional

NanoBoyAdvance is a free and open-source GBA emulator licensed under GPU GPL 3.0 license or later, and focused on accuracy (according to the developer, her goal is to achieve fully cycle-accurate emulation in the future[1]), with support for HQ audio mixer (for games which employ Nintendo's MusicPlayer2000 sound engine), RTC emulation, post-processing options and support for controllers. NBA was the first emulator to pass all AGS aging cartridge tests. NBA emulates CPU/DMA with almost-cycle accuracy and its ARM emulation handles nearly all known edge-cases.

NBA can use it a real console's dumped BIOS or the alternative free alternative not containing copyrighted content although the latter is less accurate.


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