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Logo Supermodel.png
Developer(s) Stefano Teso (sthief), Bart Trzynadlowski (trzy), Ville Linde (vlinde), Ian (dukeeeey)
Latest version 0.2a
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows
Emulates Sega Model 3
Programmed in C++
License GNU GPL
Source code SourceForge

Supermodel is a free and open-source Sega Model 3 emulator written in C++.


Windows SVN Builds
Windows Linux macOS Official SourceForge's source files only
Click on the 'Download Snapshot' tab button

Windows Past releases
Windows Windows XP build
Compiled by Emu-France
Windows French Language build
Compiled by Emu-France

Compile builds:


It seems that this emulator requires you to use a command-line interface to boot up a ROM game. There is an alternative way with a frontend (To be put in the same folder as Supermodel).

  • Sega Model 3 UI - New 2019 open-source frontend for Windows made by Nuexzz. He has also previously created a similarly styled Sega Model 2 UI for the inactive, closed-source Sega Model 2 emulator called Model 2 Emulator.

Old frontends:

  • SuperModel-UI:
- Emu-France (French language. SuperModel-UI v0.9.151. Updated: 16/09/2013.)
- Emu-France (French language. SuperModel-UI Snapshots v1.0. Updated: 29/02/2012.)


The original Supermodel effort was undertaken by Ville Linde (vlinde), Stefano Teso (sthief), and Bart Trzynadlowski (trzy) from 2003. The PowerPC emulator is originally by Ville Linde and the Sega Custom Sound Processor emulator was donated by ElSemi (Aka Miguel Ãngel Horna. Coder of old emulators like Nebula, CPS3 Emulator and Model 2 Emulator). Development began in January 2011 after Bart rewrote it from scratch in late 2010 and got it to a playable state. The first version of Supermodel was released on April 1, 2011. It is being created by Bart Trzynadlowski, Ville Linde, and Stefano Teso. Ian (dukeeeey) is another active contributor.

Supermodel is written in C++ and uses OpenGL and SDL. On Windows, it supports force feedback and Xbox 360 controllers. Options to increase the internal resolution and play at widescreen resolutions are available, and are exposed when using the UI frontend.

To increase emulation performance, Supermodel underclocks the emulated PowerPC CPU by default, to 49 MHz. As Model 3 games were generally not CPU-bottlenecked, this avoids wasting native CPU time on emulating idle cycles, and has very little effect on most games. Users on less-powerful computers can underclock the emulated CPU to as low as 25 MHz and maintain playability in some games. Likewise, other users may wish to run the emulator at the proper speed of 66 MHz for a more accurate experience. The clock speed can be changed using PowerPCFrequency in the config file or by passing the -ppc-frequency argument.