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I didn't want to add this video to the main page of the emulator but I just thought it too cool not to add here. It showcases a guy running 13 arcade cabinet racing games on a couple emulators:

  • Arcade Racing PC - Teknoparrot 1.86 & Supermodel SVN 761 (Published on Feb 7, 2019. Stu Lowe. 7 games on TeknoParrot, 5 games on Supermodel & 1 game is a modded Windows game. Overarching software used: Launchbox Big Box frontend. PC: Low-spec i3-7100; mid-range GTX 1060 6GB; 8GB RAM - low range for 2019; and Thrustmaster TMX Wheel - peripheral.)

ObiKKa (talk) 13:10, 26 April 2019 (EDT)