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Cellphone emulators

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! scope="col"|Name
! scope="col"|Operating System(s)
! scope="col"|Version
! scope="col"|[[Accuracy]]
! scope="col"|Active
! scope="col"|[[Recommended Emulators|Recommended]]
|[ Git]
|✗ (read below)
|1.2.1 ($)
;NGEmu:Currently the only real N-Gage emulator, although currently on hiatus due to a lack of info required to further development.
;N-GageCool:A dead payware emulator for Windows. It only partially emulated the J2ME-based N-Gage exclusives and nothing else from the rest of the bunch.
:Outside of this emulatorAt the current moment, there are no real solution exists yet proper solutions for the N-Gage as a wholeemulation.
==Japanese i-mode <small>(DoCoMo)</small>==

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