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I see the MicroEmu and ME4SE projects got removed from the listing. May I ask the reasons?

SmartTV and other platforms to track[edit]

Listing here additional platforms using phone-like hardware (although some warrant to have a separate page) - entries to be made if emulation project is found:

Especially relevant are platforms with exclusive games - like LG NetCast and the VR headsets.

SmartTV: only for TV: LG NetCast, Roku, etc. phone OS variants/predecessors: LG webOS, FireTV, AndroidTV, Tizen, etc.

VR/AR headsets: Oculus, HTC Vive, Valve Index, Hololens emulator, etc.

Smartwatch - there are already pages for some older similar devices (like calculators, etc.), but no modern devices like cellular-network connected children watches, Apple Watch, etc.

Cars: Tesla Arcade [1], etc.

Smart display / picture frame

Interactive kiosk - some restaurants, supermarkets, libraries, etc. have "kids corner" with some Interactive kiosk (usually touchscreen) with games. Not sure where those should be listed, but worth keeping at least a placeholder somewhere.