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Cellphone emulators

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Before the smartphones we know today were staples of mainstream culture, mobile phones and their technology were pretty rudimentary and often relied on apps made in Java seeing as the language was designed to be portable (though Windows Mobile and Symbian were also somewhat popular as proto-smartphone platforms of choice). This didn't keep games from being developed for these platforms. Casual simplistic games and rip-offs of retro franchises thrived, but it attracted some genuinely fun games that forever remained obscure, such as those from Gameloft.
The situation is quite different in Japan where mobile hardware was much more developed, only loosely Java-based, and major video [ game developers] were much more invested in creating unique and high-quality content that's mostly obscure and unpreserved, let alone emulated, today. Those are the very different [[wikipedia:Galapagos syndrome|Galapagos mobile phones]] (like DoCoMo i-mode, DeNa, RoID...). Some of these games got ported to the inferior Western hardware but these are in the tiny minority.
<code>JAR</code> files of Java-based non-Japanese cell phones can be still found online with some effort, namely on WAP sites offering (pirated) mobile content e.g. Peperonity.

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