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Polymega logo.png
Developer Playmaji
Type Emulation Box
Release date 2021
Emulated N/A

The Polymega is a modular emulation box created by Playmaji to emulate older systems. Polymega is the first of its kind to support CD-based games and also the first to run on x86 architecture. The base system only supports CDs but modules can be attached for original cartridges. The Polymega comes with its own wireless controller, but various USB controllers can also be used and each module comes with controller ports for the system it's based on. Games can be installed to the system directly from the disc or cartridge (so you have easier access and don't have to worry about damaging them), however ROM files can't be loaded on the system. A store where you can buy and download games is planned for the future.

Emulated Systems[edit]

System Emulator Module
Famicom / NES Mesen EM01
Super Famicom / SNES Mednafen (SNES Faust) EM02
Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Modified Kega Fusion EM03
Sega Mega CD / Sega CD Modified Kega Fusion Base
Sega 32X Modified Kega Fusion EM03
PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 Mednafen EM04
PC Engine CD / TurboGrafx-CD Mednafen Base
PC Engine SuperGrafx Mednafen EM04
Neo Geo CD Modified MAME Base
Sega Saturn Mednafen Base
Sony PlayStation Mednafen Base
Nintendo 64 EM05


  • Architecture: x86
  • OS: Proprietary Linux-based.
  • User Interface: Codename Richter (Proprietary, Linux Based).


Playmaji claims to use legally licensed versions of Mednafen, Mesen, Kega Fusion, and MAME with additional bug fixes, CD BIOS development, and replaced YM2610 for Neo Geo CD from Playmaji.[1] It has a new and improved version of Kega Fusion, now in 64-bit and made by original author Steve Snake.

Supported Patch Formats[edit]

With the Polymega it is possible to patch your games for translations, rom hacks and so on, loaded from a USB drive. The following patch formats are supported: BPS, IPS, UPS, PPF, XDELTA, MSU1, and Mesen HD Packs.


  • Processor: Intel Pentium G5400T
  • Memory: 2GB DDR4 RAM
  • Connectivity: Realtek RTL8822BE Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Combo Module, HDMI 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, 2x USB 2.0, Polymega Expansion Bus
  • On-board Storage: 32GB eMMC Flash Memory
  • Expansion Storage: M.2 2280 SSD up to 2tb, Micro SDXC (MEMORY Port on back)
  • Optical Drive: 8X CD/DVD Slot-in Optical Disc Drive

Base Unit[2][edit]

Compatible Systems:

  • Sega CD (NA) / Mega CD (JP) / Mega CD (PAL)
  • Sega Saturn (NA) / Sega Saturn (JP) / Sega Saturn (E)
  • TurboGrafx CD (NA) / PC-Engine CD (JP)
  • Neo Geo CD (NA) / Neo Geo CD (JP)
  • PS1 (NA) / PS1 (E) / PS1 (J)

Digital Pack-In Games[edit]

  • 40 Winks (PS1 – NA Version)
  • Viper (PS1 – PAL Version)
  • Iron Commando (SNES – NA Version, SFC Version)
  • Top Racer (SFC – JP Version)
  • Rescue: The Embassy Mission (NES – NA Version)
  • Battle Squadron (Genesis – NA Version)


With the Polymega modules, you can play cartridge-based systems like the NES or Sega Mega Drive. Each module includes a retro Controller and pre-loaded games you can play out of the box (Digital Pack-In Games).

Power Module EM01[3][edit]

This module is compatible with Classic Game Cartridges and Controllers for the following systems:

  • NES – North America
  • NES – PAL
  • FAMICOM - Japan (Adapter Required)
Digital Pack-In Games[edit]
  • 8 Eyes (NES – NA Version)
  • Nightshade (NES – NA Version)
  • Target: Renegade (NES – NA Version)
  • Power Punch II (NES – NA Version)
  • Treasure Master (NES – NA Version)

Super Module EM02[4][edit]

This module is compatible with Classic Game Cartridges and Controllers for the following systems:

  • SNES – North America
  • SNES – PAL
  • Super Famicom – Japan
Digital Pack-In Games[edit]
  • Dragon View (SNES – NA Version)
  • Legend (SNES – NA Version)
  • Gourmet Warriors (SNES – NA Version)
  • Push-Over (SNES – PAL Version)
  • スーパードラッケン Super Drakkhen (SFC – JP Version)
  • トップレーサー2 Top Gear 2 (SNES – JP Version)
  • 美食戦隊 薔薇野郎 Gurume Sentai Bara Yarou (SFC – JP Version)

Mega Module EM03[5][edit]

This module is compatible with Classic Game Cartridges and Controllers for the following systems:

  • Genesis / 32X – North America
  • Mega Drive / 32X – PAL
  • Mega Drive / Super 32X – Japan
Digital Pack-In Games[edit]
  • Tinhead (NA Version)
  • Top Racer 2 (JP Version)
  • Sword of Sodan (NA Version)
  • Brave Battle Saga – Legend of the Magic Warrior (NA Version)
  • Water Margin – A Tale of Clouds and Wind (NA Version)

Turbo Module EM04[6][edit]

This module is compatible with Classic Game Cartridges and Controllers for the following systems:

  • TurboGrafx-16 – North America
  • Turbo Duo – North America
  • PC-Engine – Japan
  • SuperGrafx – Japan
  • PC-Engine Duo (All Variants) – Japan
Digital Pack-In Games[edit]
  • Moto Roader / モトローダー (NA + Japan Versions)
  • Moto Roader II / モトローダーII (Japan Version)
  • Double Dungeons / ダブルダンジョン (NA + Japan Versions)
  • Shockman / 改造町人シュビビンマン2 新たなる敵 (NA + Japan Versions)
  • Dragon Egg / どらごんEGG!(Japan Version)

Ultra Module EM05[7][edit]

This module is compatible with Classic Game Cartridges and Controllers for the following systems:

  • Nintendo 64 – North America
  • Nintendo 64 – PAL
  • Nintendo 64 – Japan
Digital Pack-In Games[edit]

There are no Pack-In Games for the Ultra Module.


  • Polymega Retro Gun Controller - A HDTV-compatible light gun that is intended to work with all of the classic Light Gun games supported by Polymega. It is powered by Sinden Technology.
  • Polymega Universal Wireless Controller - The standard controller included in the console bundle.

Retro Controller[edit]

Every retro controller uses the same port as the controller it is based on. Therefore the retro controller are compatible with the original consoles.

  • Polymega Ultra Retro Controller - A N64 clone controller
  • Polymega Turbo Retro Controller - A TG16 clone controller
  • Polymega Mega Retro Controller - A Sega Genesis clone controller
  • Polymega Super Retro Controller - A SNES clone controller
  • Polymega Power Retro Controller - A NES clone controller

Compatible Third Party Controller[edit]

It is possible to use several third party controller. With the button combination Up + Start you can enter the Home Menu.

  • Sega Genesis Mini Controller
  • Sony Playstation Mini Controller
  • Neo Geo X Arcade Stick
  • Retrobit Saturn Controller (via USB and bluetooth)
  • Retrobit Genesis Controller (via USB and bluetooth)
  • 8bitdo bluetooth Adapter
  • Every wired x-input Controller

With the modules you can use all controller that are compatible with the corresponding original hardware.



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