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(PlayStation 2 (PS2))
(PlayStation (PS1))
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|PlayStation 2 SCPH-18000
|PlayStation 2 SCPH-18000
|PlayStation 3 System Firmware 3.66-3.74
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|5.0 06/23/03 A
|5.0 06/23/03 A
|Region free
|Region free
|PlayStation 3
|PlayStation 3 System Firmware 4.00-4.86

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Hashes are alphanumeric strings of text generated from given input. In emulation, they're used to verify that dumped copies of a game are legitimate, because even one small change would result in the hash being completely different.

The most common algorithms to generate hashes are MD5 and SHA-1, but like many others they've been broken, meaning it's possible to make two different files with the same hash on these algorithms. Hashes are best used against corruption, to determine if game files or other data is intact and working. They're used in BitTorrent pieces to verify that the files are complete and can be shared, and emulators like MAME require BIOS and ROM files to match their hash exactly or else the machine can't be used. MAME changes these hashes whenever discoveries are made about a given system.

Hashes are easy to compute on standard machines. On Windows, programs like WinMD5 and HashMyFiles cater to this, and if you have 7-Zip, chances are you can compute SHA-1 hashes from Windows Explorer by right-clicking on files. On Linux, md5sum and sha1sum can be run from the terminal.

Hash Lists

You can check your generated hash against one of these databases to ensure your copy is legitimate:

PSP Games
GameCube, Wii, Wii U
Cartridges and digital downloads
Handheld based systems
Disc-based systems
IRD Library
PS3 Games
Gamecube and Wii

Verifying Multi-Track Discs on Windows (PS1/Saturn/DC)

Note: IsoBuster is only available for Windows and may not work on other platforms. Check Wine's AppDB for compatibility.

CD-ROMs can have multiple tracks by design, and the standard says it can be any type, like audio, or data. Some games on the PS1 and Saturn used this functionality (mostly for soundtracks) and all 1:1 dumps tend to be in the .bin/.cue format pair. Good dumps will usually have the tracks as separate files, but in cases where you only have two files, you will have to extract each track and check each of their individual MD5s.

  1. Open IsoBuster and load the .cue or .ccd file.
  2. In the left window, right click "Track ##" and select "Extract Track ##", then "Extract RAW Data".
  3. You should end up with a .bin file for that track. Run it through an MD5/SHA-1 calculator.
  4. Compare the track's hash to the one in the databases. If all the track values match, your rip is a perfect copy.

Known BIOS Hashes

PlayStation (PS1)

Filename MD5 Hash Version Region System
ps-10j.bin 239665b1a3dade1b5a52c06338011044 1.0 09/22/94 J NTSC-J SCPH-1000/DTL-H1000
ps-11.bin 2118230527a9f51bd9216e32fa912842 1.1 01/24/94 Region free PlayStation 1 Dev board DTL-H2000
ps-11j.bin 849515939161e62f6b866f6853006780 1.1 01/22/95 J NTSC-J SCPH-3000/DTL-H1000H
ps-20a.bin dc2b9bf8da62ec93e868cfd29f0d067d 2.0 05/07/95 A NTSC-U/C DTL-H1001
ps-20e.bin 54847e693405ffeb0359c6287434cbef 2.0 05/10/95 E PAL-E DTL-H1002/SCPH-1002
ps-21j.bin cba733ceeff5aef5c32254f1d617fa62 2.1 07/17/95 J NTSC-J SCPH-3500
ps-21a.bin da27e8b6dab242d8f91a9b25d80c63b8 2.1 07/17/95 A NTSC-U/C DTL-H1101
ps-21e.bin 417b34706319da7cf001e76e40136c23 2.1 07/17/95 E PAL-E SCPH-1002/DTL-H1102
ps-22j.bin 57a06303dfa9cf9351222dfcbb4a29d9 2.2 12/04/95 J NTSC-J SCPH-5000/DTL-H1200/DTL-H3000
ps-22j(v).bin 81328b966e6dcf7ea1e32e55e1c104bb 2.2 12/04/95 J NTSC-J SCPH-5903
ps-22a.bin 924e392ed05558ffdb115408c263dccf 2.2 12/04/95 A NTSC-U/C SCPH-1001/SCPH-5003/DTL-H1201/DTL-H3001
ps-22e.bin e2110b8a2b97a8e0b857a45d32f7e187 2.2 12/04/95 E PAL-E SCPH-1002/DTL-H1202/DTL-H3002
ps-22d.bin ca5cfc321f916756e3f0effbfaeba13b 2.2 03/06/96 D NTSC-J DTL-H1100
ps-30j.bin 8dd7d5296a650fac7319bce665a6a53c 3.0 09/09/96 J NTSC-J SCPH-5500
ps-30a.bin 490f666e1afb15b7362b406ed1cea246 3.0 11/18/96 A NTSC-U/C SCPH-5501/SCPH-5503/SCPH-7003
ps-30e.bin 32736f17079d0b2b7024407c39bd3050 3.0 01/06/97 E PAL-E SCPH-5502/SCPH-5552
ps-40j.bin 8e4c14f567745eff2f0408c8129f72a6 4.0 08/18/97 J NTSC-J SCPH-7000/SCPH-7500/SCPH-9000
ps-41a(w).bin b84be139db3ee6cbd075630aa20a6553 4.1 11/14/97 A Region free SCPH-7000W
ps-41a.bin 1e68c231d0896b7eadcad1d7d8e76129 4.1 12/16/97 A NTSC-U/C SCPH-7001/SCPH-7501/SCPH-7503/SCPH-9001/SCPH-9003/SCPH-9903
ps-41e.bin b9d9a0286c33dc6b7237bb13cd46fdee 4.1 12/16/97 E PAL-E SCPH-7002/SCPH-7502/SCPH-9002
psone-43j.bin 8abc1b549a4a80954addc48ef02c4521 4.3 03/11/00 J NTSC-J SCPH-100
psone-44a.bin 9a09ab7e49b422c007e6d54d7c49b965 4.4 03/24/00 A NTSC-U/C SCPH-101
psone-44e.bin b10f5e0e3d9eb60e5159690680b1e774 4.4 03/24/00 E PAL-E SCPH-102
psone-45a.bin 6e3735ff4c7dc899ee98981385f6f3d0 4.5 05/25/00 A NTSC-U/C SCPH-101
psone-45e.bin de93caec13d1a141a40a79f5c86168d6 4.5 05/25/00 E PAL-E SCPH-102
psxonpsp660.bin c53ca5908936d412331790f4426c6c33 4.5 05/25/00 J Region free PlayStation Portable/PlayStation Classic
scph-1000r.bin 476d68a94ccec3b9c8303bbd1daf2810 4.5 05/25/00 J NTSC-J PlayStation Classic
ps2-50j.bin d8f485717a5237285e4d7c5f881b7f32 5.0 10/27/00 J NTSC-J PlayStation 2 SCPH-18000
ps1_rom.bin FBB5F59EC332451DEBCCF1E377017237 N/A N/A PlayStation 3 System Firmware 3.66-3.74
ps1_rom.bin 81bbe60ba7a3d1cea1d48c14cbcc647b 5.0 06/23/03 A Region free PlayStation 3 System Firmware 4.00-4.86

PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Filename MD5 Hash Version Region System
ps2-0100jd-20000117.bin 32f2e4d5ff5ee11072a6bc45530f5765 5.0 01/17/00 T N/A DTL-H10000
ps2-0100j-20000117.bin acf4730ceb38ac9d8c7d8e21f2614600 5.0 01/17/00 T NTSC-J SCPH-10000
ps2-0101jd-20000217.bin acf9968c8f596d2b15f42272082513d1 5.0 02/17/00 T N/A DTL-H10000
ps2-0101j-20000217.bin b1459d7446c69e3e97e6ace3ae23dd1c 5.0 02/17/00 T NTSC-J SCPH-10000/SCPH-15000
ps2-0101xd-20000224.bin d3f1853a16c2ec18f3cd1ae655213308 5.0 02/24/00 T N/A DTL-H10000
ps2-0110ad-20000727.bin 63e6fd9b3c72e0d7b920e80cf76645cd 5.0 07/27/00 A N/A DTL-H30001
ps2-0110a-20000727.bin a20c97c02210f16678ca3010127caf36 5.0 07/27/00 A NTSC-U/C SCPH-30001
ps2-0120a-20000902.bin 8db2fbbac7413bf3e7154c1e0715e565 5.0 09/02/00 A NTSC-U/C SCPH-30001
ps2-0120ed-20000902.bin 91c87cb2f2eb6ce529a2360f80ce2457 5.0 09/02/00 E N/A DTL-H30002
ps2-0120ed-20000902-20030110.bin 3016b3dd42148a67e2c048595ca4d7ce 5.0 09/02/00 E N/A DTL-H30102
ps2-0120e-20000902.bin b7fa11e87d51752a98b38e3e691cbf17 5.0 09/02/00 E PAL-E SCPH-30002/SCPH-30003/SCPH-30004
ps2-0120j-20001027-185015.bin f63bc530bd7ad7c026fcd6f7bd0d9525 5.0 10/27/00 J NTSC-J SCPH-18000 (GH-003)
ps2-0120j-20001027-191435.bin cee06bd68c333fc5768244eae77e4495 5.0 10/27/00 J NTSC-J SCPH-18000 (GH-008)
ps2-0150ad-20001228-20030520.bin 0bf988e9c7aaa4c051805b0fa6eb3387 5.0 12/28/00 A N/A DTL-H30101
ps2-0150a-20001228.bin 8accc3c49ac45f5ae2c5db0adc854633 5.0 12/28/00 A NTSC-U/C SCPH-30001/SCPH-35001
ps2-0150ed-20001228-20030520.bin 6f9a6feb749f0533aaae2cc45090b0ed 5.0 12/28/00 E N/A DTL-H30102
ps2-0150e-20001228.bin 838544f12de9b0abc90811279ee223c8 5.0 12/28/00 E PAL-E SCPH-30002/SCPH-30003/SCPH-30004/SCPH-35002/SCPH-35003/SCPH-35004
ps2-0150jd-20010118.bin bb6bbc850458fff08af30e969ffd0175 5.0 01/18/01 J N/A DTL-H30000
ps2-0150j-20010118.bin 815ac991d8bc3b364696bead3457de7d 5.0 01/18/01 J NTSC-J SCPH-30000/SCPH-35000
ps2-0160a-20010427.bin b107b5710042abe887c0f6175f6e94bb 5.0 04/27/01 A NTSC-U/C SCPH-30001R
ps2-0160j-20010427.bin ab55cceea548303c22c72570cfd4dd71 5.0 04/27/01 J NTSC-J SCPH-30000
ps2-0160a-20010704.bin 18bcaadb9ff74ed3add26cdf709fff2e 5.0 07/04/01 A NTSC-U/C SCPH-30001R
ps2-0160e-20010704.bin 491209dd815ceee9de02dbbc408c06d6 5.0 07/04/01 E PAL-E SCPH-30002R/SCPH-30003R/SCPH-30004R
ps2-0160a-20011004.bin 7200a03d51cacc4c14fcdfdbc4898431 5.0 10/04/01 A NTSC-U/C SCPH-30001R
ps2-0160e-20011004.bin 8359638e857c8bc18c3c18ac17d9cc3c 5.0 10/04/01 E PAL-E SCPH-30002R/SCPH-30003R/SCPH-30004R
ps2-0160h-20010730.bin 352d2ff9b3f68be7e6fa7e6dd8389346 5.0 07/30/01 J NTSC-J SCPH-30005R/SCPH-30006R/SCPH-30007R
ps2-0160a-20020207.bin d5ce2c7d119f563ce04bc04dbc3a323e 5.0 02/07/02 A NTSC-U SCPH-39001
ps2-0160e-20020319.bin 0d2228e6fd4fb639c9c39d077a9ec10c 5.0 03/19/02 E PAL-E SCPH-39002/SCPH-39003/SCPH-39004
ps2-0160j-20020426.bin 72da56fccb8fcd77bba16d1b6f479914 5.0 04/26/02 J NTSC-J SCPH-37000/SCPH-39000
ps2-0160e-20020426.bin 5b1f47fbeb277c6be2fccdd6344ff2fd 5.0 04/26/02 E PAL-E SCPH-39008
ps2-0160h-20020426.bin 315a4003535dfda689752cb25f24785c 5.0 04/26/02 J NTSC-J SCPH-39005/SCPH-39006/SCPH-39007
ps2-0170j-20030206.bin 312ad4816c232a9606e56f946bc0678a 5.0 02/06/03 J NTSC-J SCPH-50000/SCPH-55000
ps2-0170ed-20030227.bin 666018ffec65c5c7e04796081295c6c7 5.0 02/27/03 E N/A DTL-H50002
ps2-0170e-20030227.bin 6e69920fa6eef8522a1d688a11e41bc6 5.0 02/27/03 E PAL-E SCPH-50002/SCPH-50003/SCPH-50004
ps2-0170ad-20030325.bin eb960de68f0c0f7f9fa083e9f79d0360 5.0 03/25/03 A N/A DTL-H50001
ps2-0170a-20030325.bin 8aa12ce243210128c5074552d3b86251 5.0 03/25/03 A NTSC-U/C SCPH-50001
ps2-0180cd-20030224.bin 240d4c5ddd4b54069bdc4a3cd2faf99d 5.0 02/24/03 J N/A DTL-H50009
ps2-0180j-20031028.bin 1c6cd089e6c83da618fbf2a081eb4888 5.0 10/28/03 J NTSC-J DESR-5000/DESR-5100/DESR-7000/DESR-7100 (PSX console)
ps2-0190j-20030623.bin 463d87789c555a4a7604e97d7db545d1 5.0 06/23/03 J NTSC-J SCPH-55000
ps2-0190a-20030623.bin 35461cecaa51712b300b2d6798825048 5.0 06/23/03 A NTSC-U/C SCPH-50001/SCPH-50010
ps2-0190e-20030623.bin bd6415094e1ce9e05daabe85de807666 5.0 06/23/03 E PAL-E SCPH-50002/SCPH-50003/SCPH-50004
ps2-0190h-20030623.bin 2e70ad008d4ec8549aada8002fdf42fb 5.0 06/23/03 J NTSC-J SCPH-50005/SCPH-50006/SCPH-50007
ps2-0190r-20030623.bin b53d51edc7fc086685e31b811dc32aad 5.0 06/23/03 E PAL-E SCPH-50008
ps2-0190c-20030623.bin 1b6e631b536247756287b916f9396872 5.0 06/23/03 J NTSC-J SCPH-50009
ps2-0190j-20030822.bin 00da1b177096cfd2532c8fa22b43e667 5.0 08/22/03 J NTSC-J SCPH-50000
ps2-0190e-20030822.bin afde410bd026c16be605a1ae4bd651fd 5.0 08/22/03 E PAL-E SCPH-50004
ps2-0190a-20040329.bin 81f4336c1de607dd0865011c0447052e 5.0 03/29/04 A NTSC-U/C SCPH-50011
ps2-0200j-20040614.bin 0eee5d1c779aa50e94edd168b4ebf42e 5.0 06/14/04 J NTSC-J SCPH-70000
ps2-0200a-20040614.bin d333558cc14561c1fdc334c75d5f37b7 5.0 06/14/04 A NTSC-U/C SCPH-70001/SCPH-70011/SCPH-70012
ps2-0200e-20040614.bin dc752f160044f2ed5fc1f4964db2a095 5.0 06/14/04 E PAL-E SCPH-70002/SCPH-70003/SCPH-70004/SCPH-70008
ps2-0200h-20040614.bin 3e3e030c0f600442fa05b94f87a1e238 5.0 06/14/04 J NTSC-J SCPH-70005/SCPH-70006/SCPH-70007
ps2-0210j-20040917.bin 1ad977bb539fc9448a08ab276a836bbc 5.0 09/17/04 J NTSC-J DESR-5500/DESR-5700/DESR-7500/DESR-7700 (PSX console)
ps2-0220j-20050620.bin eb4f40fcf4911ede39c1bbfe91e7a89a 5.0 06/20/05 J NTSC-J SCPH-75000
ps2-0220ad-20050620.bin 9959ad7a8685cad66206e7752ca23f8b 5.0 06/20/05 A N/A DTL-H75000A
ps2-0220a-20050620.bin 929a14baca1776b00869f983aa6e14d2 5.0 06/20/05 A NTSC-U/C SCPH-75001/SCPH-75010
ps2-0220e-20050620.bin 573f7d4a430c32b3cc0fd0c41e104bbd 5.0 06/20/05 E PAL-E SCPH-75002/SCPH-75003/SCPH-75004/SCPH-75008
ps2-0220h-20050620.bin df63a604e8bff5b0599bd1a6c2721bd0 5.0 06/20/05 J NTSC-J SCPH-75006
ps2-0220j-20060210.bin 5b1ba4bb914406fae75ab8e38901684d 5.0 02/10/06 J NTSC-J SCPH-77000
ps2-0220a-20060210.bin cb801b7920a7d536ba07b6534d2433ca 5.0 02/10/06 A NTSC-U/C SCPH-77001/SCPH-77010
ps2-0220e-20060210.bin af60e6d1a939019d55e5b330d24b1c25 5.0 02/10/06 E PAL-E SCPH-77002/SCPH-77003/SCPH-77004/SCPH-77008
ps2-0220h-20060210.bin 549a66d0c698635ca9fa3ab012da7129 5.0 02/10/06 J NTSC-J SCPH-77006/SCPH-77007
ps2-0220j-20060905.bin 5de9d0d730ff1e7ad122806335332524 5.0 09/05/06 J NTSC-J SCPH-79000/SCPH-90000
ps2-0220ad-20060905.bin 21fe4cad111f7dc0f9af29477057f88d 5.0 09/05/06 A N/A DTL-H90000
ps2-0220a-20060905.bin 40c11c063b3b9409aa5e4058e984e30c 5.0 09/05/06 A NTSC-U/C SCPH-79001/SCPH-79010/SCPH-90001
ps2-0220e-20060905.bin 80bbb237a6af9c611df43b16b930b683 5.0 09/05/06 E PAL-E SCPH-79002/SCPH-79003/SCPH-79004/SCPH-79008/SCPH-90002/SCPH-90003/SCPH-90004
ps2-0220h-20060905.bin c37bce95d32b2be480f87dd32704e664 5.0 09/05/06 J NTSC-J SCPH-79006/SCPH-79007/SCPH-90006/SCPH-90007
ps2-0230j-20080220.bin 80ac46fa7e77b8ab4366e86948e54f83 5.0 02/20/08 J NTSC-J SCPH-90000
ps2-0230a-20080220.bin 21038400dc633070a78ad53090c53017 5.0 02/20/08 A NTSC-U/C SCPH-90001/SCPH-90010
ps2-0230e-20080220.bin dc69f0643a3030aaa4797501b483d6c4 5.0 02/20/08 E PAL-E SCPH-90002/SCPH-90003/SCPH-90004/SCPH-90008
ps2-0230h-20080220.bin 30d56e79d89fbddf10938fa67fe3f34e 5.0 02/20/08 J NTSC-J SCPH-90005/SCPH-90006/SCPH-90007
ps2-0250e-20100415.bin 93ea3bcee4252627919175ff1b16a1d9 5.0 04/15/10 E PAL-E KDL-22PX300 (Sony Bravia TV) Europe model
ps2-0250j-20100415.bin d3e81e95db25f5a86a7b7474550a2155 5.0 04/15/10 J NTSC-J KDL-22PX300 (Sony Bravia TV)
Filename MD5 Hash System
ps2-dvd-110u.bin 31a671627b9bf2d88f5e3f6680941fa6 1.10U
ps2-dvd-120e.bin 22080eed26576f4e2282c905dc6e0a4b 1.20E
ps2-dvd-120u.bin 20a4e401b9e7885e25f1c31f6bfcbe0c 1.20U
ps2-dvd-130e.bin a1a15b62cef142575faaea17fb23dbd1 1.30E
ps2-dvd-130u.bin 567fe068711a9e5914e836cb650600af 1.30U
ps2-dvd-200j.bin 8afc4544e572842a6bb301ad92dc0c02 2.00J
ps2-dvd-210e.bin d5118e3979eb2a3814ebbfa32825e7b0 2.10E
ps2-dvd-210j.bin f0b2e6b7f6d06561e230a5b85e5d1bf9 2.10J
ps2-dvd-210u.bin d0f79251699fdeff073a7c2365d0c526 2.10U
ps2-dvd-212g.bin 32abbe7ab7c1b72d5ffc24d4963bd6c6 2.12G
ps2-dvd-212u.bin 4499f6303d05d4caeb289c2344ea3469 2.12U
ps2-dvd-213e.bin 6bdb45a952f697f367cd1646cdf09235 2.13E
ps2-dvd-215g.bin d609f69d9e3ef236f6e2bf0a80762b6f 2.15G
ps2-dvd-300e.bin f40466438d83a02c1eecba3efff20b6a 3.00E
ps2-dvd-300u.bin e414c981647883e33f17642da827a739 3.00U
ps2-dvd-302c.bin 6bbd2f348c585fdd645900f6ec75f2c7 3.02C
ps2-dvd-302e.bin 503115717429b64e19fa6103e3fa5a35 3.02E
ps2-dvd-302u.bin 2ac40eec790adecf4bc5ee1090a27676 3.02U
ps2-dvd-310.bin a2b55c44a3c3eec0abe5647cfb6a6493 3.10
ps2-dvd-311.bin 79b4880006769a1af9b0a6c7302cc18d 3.11

Dreamcast (DC)

Filename MD5 Hash
BIOS (All).bin d407fcf70b56acb84b8c77c93b0e5327
BIOS.bin e10c53c2f8b90bab96ead2d368858623
Flash (All).bin 93a9766f14159b403178ac77417c6b68
Flash.bin 0a93f7940c455905bea6e392dfde92a4
Utopia CD Loader V1.1.cdi 965014e4ea7247c24c8a746d2a219df7
Utopia CD Loader V1.1.nrg 70a3385cb638912f8637a8f1e9300727
VMS BIOS (Full).bin 4bffb9b29b9aeb29aa618f3891a300ce

BIOS files for DEmul:

Filename MD5 Hash
mvsc2\mpr-23083.ic31 4650cd77dfa7ad45045100ff90391b30
mvsc2\mpr-23084.ic32 0ddf411850aa093fde5f2fd5ed44903b
vs2_2k\003f0000.bin 058003765d6c2fda5c2878d254d8eb1c
awbios.zip 58fa329c0d0401c03455b2bbfe503bc9
dc.zip 02613c8bcf1830d224d1be04fac9dd90
naomi.zip 324dd3ec338f55fbf90d35a432946814
naomi2.zip 8a40637c9e6711743c3e524272397ae5

GameCube (GCN/NGC)

Filename MD5 Hash
EUR\IPL.bin 85e7f7fdeff9fa6ecb52aa0a38cd2eb4
JAP\IPL.bin 00cff6ae2938bb37ef355385add3dc16
USA\IPL.bin fae2b558ffc344467170520d62177e5c

DSP ROMs (for Low Level Emulation of the DSP):

Filename MD5 Hash
dsp_coef.bin 9a6514b88003c9c47e334de654ec550b
dsp_rom.bin 23645d446729a166ab3a9aaba2f5fba5

Atari 7800

Filename MD5 Hash
7800 BIOS (U).rom 0763f1ffb006ddbe32e52d497ee848ae

Magnavox Odyssey²

Filename MD5 Hash
o2rom.bin 562d5ebf9e030a40d6fabfc2f33139fd

Family Computer Disk System (FDS)

Filename MD5 Hash
disksys.rom ca30b50f880eb660a320674ed365ef7a

Super Game Boy (SGB)

Filename MD5 Hash
sgb_bios.bin d574d4f9c12f305074798f54c091a8b4