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Why are Nintendulator, Nestopia and FCEUX recommended? I just tried out all the recommended emulators and Mesen and PuNES seem a lot better. Nintendulator doesn't load zip-files, has to be configurated to even start. All of them (Nintendulator, Nestopia, FCEUX) have complicated menu systems and configurations. Mesen is super easy to use, has better compatibility, auto updating, netplay and it even loads goodmerged-files. PuNES is not as good but supports rewinding so that I might get by.

Nestopia is still recommended primarily because of its availability as a Libretro core. Standalone is okay but puNES and Mesen are much better these days. If either of those two were to become Libretro cores then I couldn't see recommending Nestopia at all. As for FCEUX and Nintendulator, I have no idea. -- Random Encounter (talk) 14:17, 3 September 2016 (UTC)

FCEUX still gets recc'ed based on debugging features. These things matter for homebrew. As for Nintendulator, not a damn clue. Goi~Yaas~Dinn (talk)

Note that Mesen, while it works on GNU/Linux, it's pretty awful due to a ton of stuttering and lag during gameplay, even with VSync turned on. puNES should be recommended over it for GNU/Linux users (and NEStopia UE for its libretro core). Syboxez (talk)

Some Issues[edit]

1. Can we cut the description of the FDS down to a line and keep all the talkative bits about it under its peripheral subheader? I realize I'm guilty of nearly doubling its number of lines, but that's before I read the whole page and discovered it already had a home.

2. There appears to be a dick-measuring contest going on in a footnote between proponents of mesen and puNES re the number of mappers each supports. Can I just say each supports mappers the other doesn't or would that be untrue?

3. The assertion that VC NES emulation is somehow accurate in any way (simply because Nintendo did it) I find highly suspect (considering what is known about their approach to other consoles such as the SNES and N64). Can anyone back that up?

I plan to do some other minor edits to polish, but first I wanted to clear this up. Goi~Yaas~Dinn (talk)

Pretty much no VC emulator is accurate, barring GBA on the 3DS since it uses hardware, and GBA on the Wii U is decent as well, due to being coded by a third party. Also would be nice if the FDS info was still on the page, just somewhere else. The FDS versions of many games were superior to the American cart releases, and it would be good for people to know that. Syboxez (talk)

I went ahead and finished editing and polishing. Thank you for your (somewhat belated) response. Goi~Yaas~Dinn (talk) 03:56, 25 July 2017 (EDT)