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Suyu Icon.png
Suyu 0.0.2 screenshot.png
Developer(s) suyu team
Latest version 0.0.3 [+]
Active TBD
Platform(s) Windows
Architecture(s) x86_64, ARM64
Emulates Nintendo Switch
Programmed in C++
License GNU GPL v3
Source code
BIOS/Keys Required

suyu is an experimental open-source Nintendo Switch emulator and debugger written in C++. It is one of the main continuations of yuzu.

Unlike its parent project, the Switch firmware is required (like older versions of yuzu) as well a title.keys file for eshop/nsp games, updates and DLCs (on yuzu, they were auto generated if missing).

The repository was originally hosted on GitLab, but it was forced to move after GitLab took it down, citing the use of the raw yuzu code. Their discord server is shut down (see "2024 - Yuzu (Switch) vs. Nintendo" section of the Legal Status of Emulation page), the project could be considered dead.


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System requirements[edit]

See computer specifications for yuzu/suyu