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Developer(s) Tony Wasserka ( a.k.a. neobrain)
Latest version N/A
Active Yes
Platform(s) Android
Architecture(s) x86_64, ARM64
Emulates Nintendo 3DS
Website Mikage.app
Support ($) Patreon
Programmed in C++
License Closed-source

Mikage is a Nintendo 3DS emulator developed by Tony Wasserka, a.k.a. neobrain, a prominent emudev who has contributed to other emulation projects such as Dolphin, PPSSPP, and Citra.


Mikage was created from scratch as neobrain saw an opportunity for a better-than-average-quality 3DS emulator on Android. While the three aforementioned projects he contributed are open-source, Mikage is currently closed-source, though neobrain is interested in opening much of the source code at some point. Mikage was publicly announced on the official website and Twitter account on July 1, 2019, though neobrain had been working on the project for three years prior, starting in 2016. He got The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D working in 2018.

Progress blog reports can be found at the official Mikage website. A private Discord channel link (much more active than Reddit) is only provided to those on a $5 US tier or above in the Patreon account.

On August 15, 2020, neobrain announced that he was putting the project on an indefinite hiatus due to lack of interest from the community and not being able to rise enough supporters on Patreon to make it worth continuing development without resorting to shadier methods of ads or pricing the app. It could also be due to the fact Citra now has a working Android port, so public support has shifted towards a more developed, open sourced emulator, making it harder to back a closed sourced alternative. However, on May 3, 2022, neobrain announced that Mikage would resume development, due to the slowdown in activity from the Citra developers, especially regarding the Android version, and a desire to fully emulate the 3DS experience.

On July 1, 2022, a video was posted on the YouTube channel, showing the Nintendo 3DS initial setup and home menu fully working. On October 26, neobrain would go on to reveal on Twitter that Mikage had become the first 3DS emulator with the ability to power off the system.

The developer has declared that Mikage will be open-source, and that some of its parts are already available on neobrain's github, with more coming. [1]

Currently, a large chunk of games are booting and running. Some of them are: Animal Crossing: New Leaf, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Rayman Origins, and more.


"Mikage officially releases 🙌 today (Apr 1, 2023) 🙌 for Intel Atom PCs and Symbian phones!" - Tony Wasserka (neobrain)


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