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Developer(s) SonicAdvance1, skmp
Latest version 2209
Active Yes
Platform(s) LinuxARM
Architecture(s) ARM64
Type Compatibility layer
Emulates x86, x86_64 Linux
Programmed in C++, C, Assembly
Website fex-emu.com
Source code GitHub

FEX-Emu is a Linux usermode x86 and x86-64 emulator for arm64 and x86-64 hosts designed to run PC games on AArch64 devices. The project is a joint development effort between SonicAdvance1 and skmp, both previously known for their work on Dolphin and reicast respectively.


Linux Linux ARM Official release


FEX is not a traditional emulator the way RPCS3 and Dolphin is. As a usermode emulator, it works similarly to qemu-user and Box86 which allow one processor architecture to run on another through translation. The difference is FEX uses the static-single-assignment approach for intermediate representation of code.

FEX was first showcased getting in-game on Counter Strike: Global Offensive in April 2021.[1]


  1. skmp (April 16, 2021). Anyone up for CS:GO on arm64? Reddit.

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