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Developer(s) SonicAdvance1, skmp
Latest version 2310
Active Yes
Platform(s) LinuxARM
Architecture(s) ARM64
Type Compatibility layer
Emulates x86, x86_64 Linux
Programmed in C++, C, Assembly
Website fex-emu.com
Source code GitHub

FEX-Emu is a free Linux usermode x86 and x86-64 emulator for arm64 designed to run PC games on AArch64 devices. The project is a joint development effort between SonicAdvance1 and skmp, both previously known for their work on Dolphin and reicast respectively (with other contributors as well).


Linux Linux ARM Official release


FEX is not a traditional emulator the way RPCS3 and Dolphin is. As a usermode emulator, it works similarly to qemu-user and Box86 which allow one processor architecture to run on another through translation. The difference is FEX uses the static-single-assignment approach for intermediate representation of code.

FEX was first showcased getting in-game on Counter Strike: Global Offensive in April 2021.[1]


  1. skmp (April 16, 2021). Anyone up for CS:GO on arm64? Reddit.

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