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{{Infobox console
|title = PlayStation Portable
|logo = PSP-1000.png
|developer = [[:Sony]]
|type = [[:Category:Consoles|Handheld game console]]
|generation = [[:Category:Seventh-generation video game consoles|Seventh generation]]
|release = 2004
|discontinued = 2014
|predecessor = [[PocketStation emulators|PocketStation]]
|successor = [[PlayStation Vita emulators|PlayStation Vita]]
|emulated = {{✓}}
The '''[[wikipedia:PlayStation Portable|PlayStation Portable]]''' (PSP) is a handheld game console made by [[wikipedia:Sony|Sony]]. The system was released in Japan on December 12, 2004, in North America on March 24, 2005. It had a MIPS R4000 CPU at 333MHz with 32MB of RAM. Later revisions of the PSP came with 64MB of RAM, allowing for faster load times.
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HBL was also ported to run on Sony PlayStation Vita's PSP emulator with very little modifications. This project was named Vita HBL (VHBL) and was uploaded to HBL's public repository by wololo in March 2012.
HBL was also ported to run on Sony PlayStation Vita's PSP emulator with very little modifications. This project was named Vita HBL (VHBL) and was uploaded to HBL's public repository by wololo in March 2012.

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Two PSP-1002s running on 5.50 GEN-B. Dark AleX (aka Dark_AleX, Dax, Darkethe) is a Spanish programmer who writes homebrew applications for the PlayStation Portable. Dark AleX, as well as other variations of the name, is a pseudonym under which he works. One of the drawbacks of downgrading the PSP is that new official media may require the presence of a new firmware edition. Dark_Alex had released a Custom Firmware called "Dark Alex's Open Edition firmware" or "Custom Firmware (CFW)" which opens the firmware and allows users to use the existing feature set of the current edition. Sony quickly patched the firmware again, continuing the cat-and-mouse game with the hackers and users.In July 2007 Dark_AleX officially stopped his work on the PSP, citing perceived problems with Sony as one of the reasons for his departure. Some people even suggested that Dark_AleX was paid by Sony not to release any more custom firmware, but Sony denied this.

Custom Firmware allows the running of unsigned code such as homebrew applications and UMD backups, emulators for other consoles, as well as PlayStation games when the disc images are converted into PSP format.

Half Byte Loader

Half Byte Loader (also known as HBL) is an open source software project that aims at loading homebrew for PlayStation Portable handheld console through user-mode exploits. It does not provide any mechanism for loading official games or ISO images. HBL was built from scratch to be easily portable to any user-mode exploit. The project was created and started by m0skit0 and ab5000. It is currently maintained by wololo.

HBL was created initially for the Medal of Honor Heroes exploit. An alpha version was released as open source by m0skit0 and ab5000 in November 2009, which ran very simple homebrews.When the Patapon 2 demo exploit was found and leaked, wololo joined the project and proposed to port HBL to this new exploit.The AdvancedPSP forums, which hosted the project, were shut down by the hosting and the project moved to wololo/talk forums. wololo also created a new public SVN repository for HBL at Google Code. Other PSP hackers such as Davee and neur0n joined in to help the development of this port. HBL for Patapon 2 passed to beta version, and can be considered the first useful HBL version, released in March 2010. HBL was subsequently ported to several other user-mode exploits, and also served as base for other projects, like the PRO CFW project.

HBL was also ported to run on Sony PlayStation Vita's PSP emulator with very little modifications. This project was named Vita HBL (VHBL) and was uploaded to HBL's public repository by wololo in March 2012.



Cores Game/System
gpSP GameBoy Advance
TempGBA GameBoy Advance
mGBA GameBoy Advance
TGB Dual GameBoy Color
Gambatte GameBoy Color
SNES9x 2005+ SNES
SNES9x 2005 SNES
PicoDrive MegaDrive,MasterSystem,32X,Sega CD
RACE NeoGeo Pocket/Pocket Color
Mednafen PCE Fast PCE,PCE CD,SuperGrafx
Mu Palm OS
Squirreljme Java ME 8
GW Game & Watch
Nekop2 PC9801
NP2kai PC9801
81 ZX81
Fuse ZX Spectrum
FreeChaf Fairchild Channel F
FreeINTV IntelliVision
Theodore MO5/TO7
X1 Sharp X1/X1 Turbo
BlueMSX ColecoVision,SG-1000,MSX
Handy Atari Lynx
Atari 800 Atari 5200
Bk Electronika 10/11
CrocoDS Amstrad CPC


PlayStation / PS1

See PSP Eboots.


Game Boy/Color/Advance

Name Version GB GBC GBA Active Recommended
mGBA libretro
gpSP 0.9 Fix 3 libretro ~
UO gpSP Kai † 3.4 Test 4 Build 230
TempGBA4PSP-mod Git
TempGBA4PSP 26750221 libretro ~
gpSP-j 12/06/16 ~
gpSP mod 20090720
PSPVBA 1.2.4
MasterBoy 2.10
GeMP 3.3 Final ~
† Uo gpSP Minor Problems
1. Sigma Star Saga - Still unable to show health Bar.

2. Golden Sun : it's sequel have major bugs, still considered unplayable."

3. Kingdoms Hearts : Chain of Memories - Works Unzip file, Freezing Up Save State After Load State it Will Run.

4. Riviera : Works - Only Run Unzip file.

If both games still crash, To Use Beta BIOS.

Nintendo 64

Name Version Active Recommended
DaedalusX64 Git

Some stutters, Average compatibilty

Famicom (NES) / Famicom Disk System 

Name Version Active Recommended
Nester J AoEX 1.13 Beta 2 ?
NES for PSP 0.5
InfoNES r0.3
Famicontest 0.31
FCEU 0.3

NesterJ AoEX R3 SP is based on NesterJ 1.12 Plus 0.61 RM - [1] so it includes features like rewind mode, cheat codes support, rotated/mirrored screen, sepia palette, support to rare mappers (the pirate bootleg FF7 works on it), etc, but its compatibility is inferior to 1.13 beta2.

Super Famicom (SNES)

Name Version Recommended
SNES9xTYL ME Standard
SNES9xTYL Mod 180404 r28
SNES9x Euphoria R5 Beta 3 ~
UO SNES9x 0.02y33 Build 34

Use the s9xTYLme version for best performance on an actual PSP; if on a Vita, use the s9xTYLcm version.

Pokemon Mini

Name Version Active Recommended
PokeMini 0.6.0

Nintendo DS

Name Version Recommended
DSonPSP Beta 8

Also known as Desmume PSP Is a Nintendo DS emulator for psp but it is not recommended since most games do not work and those that work are unplayable, with very low framerates or just do not pass of the title screen.


Master System / Game Gear / Genesis / Sega CD / Pico / 32X

Name Version G/MD SMS/GG SCD/MCD 32X Active Recommended
PicoDrive 1.93 1.92.3
SMS Plus Git 1.5.0 ?
DGen PSP 1.7 ~
PSP Genesis 0.18c
Generator PSP 0.01.0



Only Available RetroArch Cores.


Name Version Active Recommended
Yabause 0.9.10

Other Consoles

PC Engine / CD / SuperGrafx 

Name Version PCE-CD SGFX Active Recommended
HuE 0.70
PCE for PSP 0.83U01 0.83D6 ~ ~
PSPHuGo 1.3.1 ~



Neo-Geo Pocket / Color

RACE! 2.16-1.0

WonderSwan / Color 

Name Version WS WSC Active Recommended
e[mulator] 0.82f ~
eSwan 0.09 ~
pSwan 0.07
OSwan 0.01
Cygne 00.0

Watara SuperVision

Name Version Active Recommended
Potator 1.0.6 ?


NJEMU (CPS1, CPS2, Neo Geo MVS / CD)

Other Consoles (retro)

Atari 130 / 800 / 5200

PSPAtari or Atari800 (800 only)

Atari 2600


Atari 7800


Atari Lynx

Name Version Active Recommended
Handy PSP Git ?
pLynx 0.9 ~

Atari Jaguar

Name Version Active Jaguar CD Recommended
Virtual Jaguar 2/17/2006
  • Rename the ROM Images .jag to <cf.jag> and put it in EBOOT.PBP Files.


PSPColEm or ColEmPSP



Fairchild Channel F


Magnavox Odyssey²

EmuODD PSP Notes: Executing this emulator several times results in no sound anymore until a cold reboot of the PSP.








Amstrad CPC

PSPCAP32 or CaPriCe32PSP

Apple II

Apple II Portable

Atari ST

Name Version Active Recommended
CaSTaway r006 ~

BBC Micro


Commodore 64


Commodore Plus / 4


macOS 0.x



DOSBox 0.71, DOSBox Navigator 1.51 (W/ DOSBox 0.71) or DOSBox EasyNavigator.

DOSBox 0.71 is an old version and doesn't run that well with the more demanding games and Windows 9x on the PSP. The DOSBox Navigator packs linked above are for easy navigation through the DOSBox menus on the PSP screen.


NP2 for PSP & NP21 for PSP are ports of Neko Project II and Neko Project 21/W, respectively, by Hsusori. Unfortunately hasn't been updated since 2011.


Name Version Active Recommended
ScummVM Git ?

MSX / MSX2 / MSX2+ / MSXturboR


Sinclair ZX81


Sinclair ZX Spectrum



Sam Coupé

Name Version Active Recommended
PSPSIM 1.2.1

Thomson MO5


Thomson TO7




TRS 80 / Tandy Color Computer



J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition)(Cellphone Only)

Name Version Active Recommended
PSPKVM 0.5.5 Final





Beats of Rage