Emulators on GP2X

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Developer GamePark Holdings
Type Handheld game console
Generation 7th generation
Release date 2005
Discontinued ?
Predecessor GP32
Successor GP2X Wiz

The GP2X is a handheld game console made by GamePark Holdings.

Game Engine Recreations

Name Version FLOSS Active Recommended
ScummVM 1.7.0

Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom Disk System

Name Latest Version Accuracy FLOSS Active Recommended
GPFCE 0.4 r313 Mid
FishyNES 0.01d Mid
FCE-Ultra GP2x 0.3 Mid
Phamicom 0.3 ?
NES2x R4 ?
InfoNES2x 0.1 ?

Atari Jaguar

Name Version FLOSS Active Recommended
Virtual Jaguar 0.1a ?