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GamePark GP32
Developer GamePark Holdings
Type Handheld game console
Generation 6th generation
Release date 2001
Discontinued ?
Successor GP2X

The GP32 (GamePark 32) is a handheld game console made by GamePark Holdings.


Nintendo Entertainment System[edit]

Name Latest Version FDS Accuracy FLOSS Active Recommended
LittleJohnGP 0.4 Low
NesterGPd 1.5a Mid
NesterGP 1.2 Mid
InfoNES32 0.3 Low ~
fNES32 06/28/02 Low ~

Super Nintendo[edit]

Name Version Accuracy FLOSS Active Recommended
OpenSNES9xGP 0.3 beta Low ?

Game Boy / Game Boy Color[edit]

Name Version FLOSS Active Recommended
fGB32 (port of Gnuboy) 10/02/03 ?

Game Boy Advance[edit]

Name Version FLOSS Active Recommended
GPAdvance 1.49 ? ?



Name Version FLOSS Active Recommended
DrMD (port of PicoDrive) 5 beta 8 (port of Genesis Plus) ?
fGEN32 1st Edition ? ?

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