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Developer(s) Romain Vallet, Theo Berkau, Guillaume Duhamel, Anders Montonen, devmiyax
Last version 0.9.15 [+]
Active No
Platform(s) Multi-platform
Emulates Sega Saturn
Website Yabause.org
Support ($) Patreon
License GNU GPLv2+
Source code Zip

Yabause (an acronym for Yet Another Broken And Unfinished Saturn Emulator) is a multi-platform, open-source Sega Saturn emulator.


Windows macOS Android Dreamcast Linux FreeBSD Stable and Dev builds
Includes packages

Wii Unofficial Wii port
Xbox Community Edition
PSP PSP port
PlayStation 3 PS3 port


There have been several versions of Yabause released, including a currently work-in-progress libretro core. There is also a Wii version, linked above; note that this is an unofficial release and support from the Yabause developers cannot be provided for it.


Developer devmiyax has forked Yabause to improve it.[1] He maintains an official website for this branch called uoYabause, however, the emulator is better known as 'Yaba Sanshiro'.


A French developer, François, also known as FCare, has forked devmiyax's Yabause fork and called it "Kronos".[2][3] It is more active than even the regular Yabause so far as of 2018. Since late June 2018, it also supports the Sega Titan Video arcade system in version 1.30. However, all STV games are launchable on Linux but most games are still problematic on Windows.


Several build types for both devmiyax and FCare's branches are available. Binary releases for Kronos are available at EmuTalk's forum.


Yabause has a very decent rate of compatibility, around 70% of the games run well or perfectly.

Yabause has many advantages over Mednafen. If you use the OpenGL video driver, games can be rendered in higher resolutions, unlike Mednafen which can only render in the game's native resolution. The UI, despite not being perfect, is also better than Mednafen for very non-experienced users. However, Mednafen is far ahead in terms of compatibility. Use Mednafen for any games that have issues on Yabause, or SSF if you're using a low-end system.



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