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>Its developers have expressed intentions to eventually rewrite the core and brand it as its own emulator, called ParaLLEl.

Hey, it looks like ParaLLEl is already available in Retroarch. I don't know how good it is exactly as I've only tried Paper Mario so far, but there's no flickering in it as mentioned on the mupen64 comparability wiki. -Anon

Graphics comparison table[edit]

The main page of the N64 emus is too large probably, so I put this here as a backup source. I've already added it to the Resources sector at three other pages (for 3 comparable systems). ObiKKa (talk) 18:17, 28 April 2019 (EDT)


Is there any reson to use ParaLLE over the other paths because any shit related to RA is hyped up to folks who don't know shit so not sure if any thing they say is real or lit