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Is this a list of recommended emulators or just ANY emulation software on the respective platform?

Probably the latter but should be the former, we don't need to list ever god damn thing under the sun now, no need to list 9 different ways to play SNES games unless it's a truly good emulator. What this page sorely lacks are links to the places to get them and mini reviews of sorts to tell people if there any good or not. Like my small blurp about My Boy! Which for the free version is a limited POS. -- Special
Fake Edit I'm just saying like with all the other system pages, those are the recommend and notable emulators that stand out, this page should be the same, this page would turn quickly to shit if we listed everything out there, like look how many god damn NES emulators there are for Windows. Thank God we don't list them all on the NES page. -- Special
No, I get it. I added some more to elaborate on some emulators that work on < 1 GHz devices, like GENSoid and SNESoid. Some of the more "prominent" emulators are much more accurate (the cores) and require more power. I am only adding a few other known alternatives that do work, have great compatibility, but are also contrast to the "most preferable" ones. I agree that listing every emulator is overkill, but listing several good ones/alternatives should be acceptable.

It's perhaps worthy to let others here know what I know from (experience) and from developers I've spoke with in the past. SNESoid and GENsoid are both less accurate, less demanding emulators that can run perfect on slower (< 1 GHz CPU) devices (but have pretty good compatibility with the majority of titles). Ones like Snes9x, GENPlusDroid, etc. are more cycle accurate, and have better compatibility, but they run terribly slow on most devices with less than 1 GHz CPUs (which are not even being manufactured anymore). FPse is also good in the sense that it can run a good amount of games on lower-end devices pretty well (< 1.5/1 GHz), whereas ePSXe has a more accurate core and it's more demanding. Just clearing this info out in case anyone was wondering about the emulators, versions, how they perform, etc.

Emulator Accuracy[edit]

I recently ran some tests on Android emulator accuracy which I think would prove useful here. But before I go around changing tons of things I wanted to post it here for everyone's convenience and purview.

Android NES Emulator Accuracy Testing Results

Android SNES Emulator Accuracy Testing Results

Android GB/GBC Emulator Accuracy Testing Results

Android GENS/MD Emulator Accuracy Testing Result


You only tested Launchbox on version 0.37. It's now on version 1.8 and is much better. Do you still not recommend it?:


-Add to compatibility layers list?

+Already there buddy? :)
Compatibility_layers#Compatibility_layers->Mobile/ARM Section>FEX-Emu
Ahayri (talk) 09:19, 07 May 2023 (UTC)

will Ahayri add MAME4droid 2024 to most console and computer pages?[edit]

|MAME4droid 2024 (0.262) |1.8.1git

MAME4droid version and its MAME version keep updating