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Sega Model 2

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Comparisons: Linked MAME driver's Git page.
*'''[ Model 2 Emulator]''' was formerly known as Nebula Model 2. It has great compatibility. Most games work without problems, although some configuration may be required for the optimal experience in some titles. It is easy to use and the system requirements are moderate. There is support for increasing the internal resolution, force feedback and GPU hardware acceleration.<ref name="features"></ref> For a long time it was, and still is for most titles, the only way to play Model 2 games. However; it is Windows only, closed source and hasn't been updated since 2014.
*'''[[MAME]]''' is a long way behind Model 2 Emulator in terms of compatibility, but is being actively developed and Model 2 emulation improved greatly in 2018. With version 0.196, the first two games were promoted to working status; Virtua Fighter 2 and Motor Raid.<ref name="mameupdate"></ref> Version 0.197 followed up with adding Rail Chase 2. Other games might work but most have lots of graphical glitches and some will outright crash. You'll need a fast CPU for full speed emulation.
:See [ MAME driver] at GitHub (Also note the large to-do lists at top of page).

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