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|target = [[Sega Saturn emulators|Sega Saturn]]
|developer = Shima
|website = [ Shima's Site]<br/>[ English Tribute Site]
'''SSF''' is a closed-source [[Sega Saturn emulators|Sega Saturn emulator]] known for being the most compatible for a long time.
*[ Latest Version] (The "test versions" are development builds.)*[ 0.12 Beta R4]
*[ ''.zip Version 0.11 alpha R5'']
A rough translation of Shima's FAQ about compatibility issues with various games and fixes for them. The original can be found [ here].
The configuration closest to accurate hardware emulation would be: Enable "Bus Wait". Set "Bus Wait Clock" to 0. Enable "SH2 DMA Real Transfer". Alternatively, "Setting5" (holding the 5 keyboard button at startup) achieves similar results.
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