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[ This loader] allows you to use disc image without having to mount them at all with the only major caveat being that it requires you to convert your rips to .CHD beforehand using [ chdman] or one of it's forks.
===Cheating with CEP===
# [ download CEP] and prepare your CODELIST.TXT file. You can find an [ example with some codes and an handy converter here].
# start SSF.exe and wait for the game to load, then click About->cep, and leave the dialog with the base address opened.
# start cep.exe
# click "Process" tab, and select the correct emulator version and code type (usually "60codes")
# make sure the address in the field in the 2nd line matches the one in SSF (NO NEED TO CLICK "Search"). Usually it won't match and you will have to change a few digits.
# click "Codes" tab, select the current game and the cheat codes you want to enable
# click the "On" button to activate codes
===Free Virtual Drive Software===

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