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Sega Dreamcast emulators

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The '''[[wikipedia:Sega Dreamcast|Dreamcast]]''' is a sixth-generation console released by [[wikipedia:Sega|Sega]] in November 1998 in Japan and later in 1999 in other territories. Sega also released the '''[[Sega NaomiNAOMI and variants|Naomi]]''', an arcade system board with similar components to the Dreamcast. Sammy's '''[ Atomiswave]''' arcade board was also based on the Dreamcast and Naomi.
Sega collaborated with Microsoft on the Dreamcast's development, and this partnership would continue later with the [[Xbox emulators|Xbox]]. What came out of this was the possibility for games to be developed for an optimized version of '''Windows CE''' (with DirectX) on each disc. However, Windows CE wasn't mandatory to use and most developers opted for Sega's development tools instead out of convenience. Even in major emulators, this aspect isn't implemented (or implemented well).
;[[DEmul]]:Has the highest compatibility and accuracy, but is Windows-only. It supports Windows CE games, but in general, they run worse than standard Dreamcast titles. It's also more resource-intensive than other emulators.
;[[NullDCnullDC]]:Can run a lot of games at great speed in mid-end PCs. It's no longer developed in favor of its fork…
;[[reicast]]:Made by the same team. Runs on Android, Windows, and Linux.
:;[[Reicast#Libretro_cores|reicast libretro]]:[[libretro]] fork similar to [[Mednafen]]'s PCE-fast and PCE-accuracy cores that backport changes from [ flyinghead's fork] of reicast. It aims to be compliant with OpenGL 2 and OpenGL ES 2 so that it can continue to run on mobile devices and mid-tier PCs. A graphics feature of the Dreamcast, Order-Independent Transparency, can only be properly emulated using recent versions of OpenGL 4 on supported hardwares and platforms (currently Windows and Linux).<ref>Daniel De Matteis. [ Introducing Reicast OIT libretro core + updated Reicast regular core] on June 12, 2018.</ref> This fork also supports [ Naomi and Atomiswave] hardware.
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