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Developer(s) zelurker, Tux, RAINE Team
Latest version 0.94.7 [+]
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows
Architecture(s) x86
Emulates Multiple arcade systems
Website raine.1emulation.com
Programmed in C, ASM
License source-available
Source code GitHub

RAINE is a source-available, multi-arcade emulator.


Windows Linux Latest version

Windows French Language build
By Emu-France


RAINE emulates some M68705, M68000 and M68020 arcade games and is mainly focused on Taito and Jaleco games hardware; and it also derives the 6502 and z80 cores from MAME. It started as an experiment with the Rainbow Islands romset, dumped by Aracorn/Romlist. RAINE can emulate many more now, including new additions from Cave and other companies.

Emulating CPU's and sound chips takes quite a lot of coding time, so, like most of the current emulators, RAINE uses emulation engines already available when possible.


CPU: Pentium II
RAM: 64/128 MB
OS: Win9x and up

External Links[edit]

  • Official forum (Replaced the old, obsoleted forum inside the old official website. Release updates can be found here.)
  • Games files (Under the source directory on GitHub)
  • Index list (Of ROMs, media and other files for supported games on GitHub. Web links in the list near the bottom come from The Internet Archive.)