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Developer(s) Playnite Team
Latest version 8.6
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows
Type WIMP and HTPC Frontend
Programmed in C#, PowerShell, HTML, Inno Setup
License MIT
Source code GitHub

Playnite is an open-source frontend only for Windows, written primarily in C#.


  • Can import games from multiple stores, even Xbox and PlayStation's.
  • Desktop and HTPC interfaces, both resemble Steam's.
  • Supports PowerShell and IronPython scripts, and .NET plugins.
  • Can import metadata from multiple sources by default.
  • Can track playtime from any game launched in it, and can import playtime from supported clients (such as Steam), can also be manually edited.
  • Supports Command Line arguments, which can be used to open CLI-only programs (Mednafen) and load games with extra content (DOOM 1/2 and their WAD/DEH files)
  • Fully customizable with themes.

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