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Developer(s) qeeg
Latest version git [+]
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows
Emulates x86 CPUs
Website pcbox-emu.xyz
Support ($) Patreon
License GNU GPLv2
Source code GitHub

PCBox is an open-source, low-level PC emulator and a fork of 86Box (which is itself a fork of PCem), which is focused on accuracy and hardware preservation (especially for the 8088/8086-based systems), trying to emulate all the various quirks of the real hardware. It emulates Intel Pentium 3, Atari PC 4, VIA C3 and Intel i815 (from "feature/ich2" branch of 86Box) and features experimental coreboot support on some emulated boards (from "feature/mtrr" branch of 86Box). In the future, the authors intend to implement: Intel Pentium 4 emulation (including SSE2) AMD Athlon and AMD Athlon XP emulation, more accurate Intel Pentium 3 speeds, new (optional) dynamic recompiler that sacrifices timing accuracy for speed, and x86_64 emulation (far future).


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