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Also Known As J2ME
Java 2 Micro Edition
Developer SunOracle
Type Cellphone/Mobile
Generation 6th generation - 8th generation
Release date 2000
Discontinued 2019
File extension (s) .Jar, .Jad
Connectivity Wi-Fi, IR, Bluetooth, GPRS, 3G/4G
Backward compatibility Yes
Predecessor EZplus + Java (MIDP) supported platforms
Written in Java
Related ExEn, BREW, Mophun, Symbian

A free cross-platform language capable of working in devices with highly reduced capabilities. It was basically Java stripped down to the bare essentials. While originally not intended for games (until its more advanced game-oriented API came), it became the de facto market standard for cell phone gaming - due in no small part to the SDK being free and without licensing costs.

Mascot Capsule 3D is a proprietary 3D graphics engine developed by Hi Corporation. It was mostly used in Japanese cellphone devices, but it also made it overseas featured in many Sony Ericsson devices. Many developers made use of this tech to bring higher quality 3D graphics on the Sony Ericsson version of their J2ME games.


Currently, the Android-exclusive J2ME Loader is able to run most of the 2D and 3D (with Mascot Capsule 3D exclusive) J2ME games. On desktops KEmulator and FreeJ2ME should suffice for most games, but there's a minority of games making use of obscure vendor-specific APIs supported only on their respective SDK tools. Given the scarcity of such tools, this list aims to comprehensively list the available ones for convenience.

Name Platform(s) Version Mascot Capsule 3D Accuracy VM Derived? FLOSS Active Recommended
J2ME Loader Android 1.7.9


High Host JVM
(Dalvik dynarec)
JL-Mod Android git High Host JVM
(Dalvik dynarec)
KEmulator Windows 1.0.3
2.12.8 (nnmod)
(nnmod)[1] Mid Host JVM (nnmod only)
FreeJ2ME Java Linux ARM git ~ Mid Host JVM
PSPKVM PSP 0.5.5 Final Edition
Mid phoneME CLDC phoneME Feature
SquirrelJME Java 0.2.0
libretro core
Aims for 100% Custom (Java) ~ (WIP)
Bittboy-J2ME Bitt-Boy
Pocket-Go (Miyoo)
git Mid phoneME CLDC phoneME Advanced ~
SJ Boy Windows Beta 4
Special Edition
Mid-Low ? ~
Midpath RetroFW git Mid ? ? ~
phoneME (unofficial) GP2X GP2X Wiz
git Mid phoneME CLDC phoneME Feature ~ ~
EKA2L1 Windows Automatic CI builds Mid ~
(Only MIDP 1.0 - S60v1)
Jademula Windows 0.23git Mid Host JVM ?
ME4SE Java 2.2.0 Mid Host JVM ?
Pstros Java 1.5.2
Mid Host JVM ? ?
Micro Emulator Java Windows Linux git2.0.4 Mid Host JVM
Minisoyo Windows 0.0.2 Low ? ?
MidpX (NHAL Win32 Emulator) Windows 1.0.1
Low ? ?
MPowerPlayer SDK
Windows Linux macOS 2.0
Build 1185
Low ? ?
Midp-Emulator Windows 1.31git Low ? ?
GameMagic S60 Windows 1.2.1 Low ? ?
N-GAGE COOL! Windows Linux 1.2.1 (Trial) ($) Low ? ?
midp-emulator Java git Low Host JVM ?
Nokia SDKs Windows Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Mid ? ? ~
Sony Ericsson SDKs Windows
Mid ? ? ~
Siemens SDKs Windows Site 1
Site 2
Mid ? ? ~
Motorola SDKs Windows 4.1
Mid ? ? ~
Motorola iDEN SDK Windows Mirror Mid ? ? ~
LG SDK Windows 1.5 Mirror Mid ? ? ~
Samsung Java SDK Windows 1.2.2 Mirror Mid ? ? ~
Zucotto Wireless Whiteboard SDK Windows 2.0 Low ? ?
Zhixiaoyou (JL fork) Android 1.2 Mid Host JVM
(Dalvik dynarec)
J2ME Runner Android
Low ? ?
Jbed Android Windows Mobile 2.3.1 (Android)
2010 (WinMobile)
Low ? ?
Jblend Android Windows Mobile 0.1 (Android)
Full-screen (WinMobile)
Low ? ?
Project Kava KaiOS git Low ? J2meJS
J2meJS KaiOS FirefoxOS git Low ? ?
phoneME - SVN Dump Vendor Specific Reference
KVM (Reference
phoneME (unofficial) Android Maemo
Windows Mobile Windows CE
b168 rev20547
Low PhoneME PhoneME Advanced
KarinME (Based on MicroEmu) Maemo 3.0.1 Mid ? ? ~
midpath4dingoo Dingoo 3.0 ? ? ?
midp4palm PalmOS 1.0 ? ? ?
Coretek Delta java manager Windows Mobile 2006d ? ? ?
Esmertec Java (jeodek) Windows Mobile 20070425 build ? ? ?
TAO Intent Java MIDlet manager Windows Mobile 1.1 build ? ? ?
IBM J9 Windows Mobile 6.1.0 ? ? ?
Mitac JVM Windows Mobile Build ? ? ?
CrEme JVM Windows Mobile 4.12 ? ? ?
Micro Emulator (Converter) Android Maemo Android
Low Host JVM
phoneME-feature devices (unofficial) Symbian Windows CE git Low phoneME CLDC phoneME Feature
Pstros-nds Nintendo DS 0.7.2 r6git Low ? ?
JS2ME FirefoxOS git ? ? ? ?
Pluotsorbet FirefoxOS git ? ? ? ?