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Developer(s) Synergenix Interactive
Latest version 2.5.4 (Tuxality mod Alpha 2)
Active No (Official)
Yes (Tuxality mod)
Platform(s) Windows
Emulates Mophun
License Closed-source

mophun is an official Mophun emulator. It was created by Synergenix Interactive, the creators of Mophun, for the Mophun SDK (latest version 2.5). It was designed for development and demos.

Tuxality mod[edit]

An unofficial mod, created by Tuxality, boots encrypted games without the need to decrypt them first by decrypting them on the fly.


Windows 2.5.4 (Alpha 2)
Windows 2.5.4 (also includes special version for Hitman)
Windows 2.0.2
Windows 1.4.3


Windows Windows Mobile Symbian Mophun Collection

List of Mophun supported devices[edit]

Devices Models
Sony Ericsson T68 (T68i / T68m / T68ie / T68a) / T100 / T226 / T230 / T237 / T238 / T290 (T290a / T290i /T290c) / T300 / T302 / T306 / T310 / T312 / T316 / T610 (T618 in China) / T616 / T618 / T628 / T630 / T637 / P800 / P802 / P900 / P908 / P910 (P910i) / Z200 / Z208 / Z300 / Z600 / Z608
Nokia (Symbian S60/UIQ.x) 3230 / 3250 / 3600 / 3620 / 3650 / 3660 / 5233 / 6260 / 6290 / 6600 / 6620 / 6630 / 6670 / 6680 / 6681 / 6682 / 6730 / 7610 / 7650 / C5-00 / E51 / E60 / E61 / E65 / E70, N70 / N71 / N72 / N73 (N73ME) / N76 / N80 / N90 / N91 / N92 / N93 / N95 / N-Gage* / N-Gage QD
Windows Mobile All Windows Mobile Smartphones running at a resolution of 176x220 (VGA) or 240x320 (QVGA)
Motorola A920 / A925 / A1000
Siemens SX1
Archos GMINI 400 / GMINI 402 (GMINI 402 Camcorder) / PMA400 / PMA430 / AV700 (AV700TV)
Medion, PAVO, TTPCom MD95674
Sendo SendoX
Tiger Telematics GameTrac Gizmondo
Voxtel VS400

Mophun 3D[edit]

3D supported mophun devices
Devices Models
Symbian UIQ.x/S60 All Symbian devices with N-Gage (N-Gage QD) / Sony Ericsson P8xx / P9xx series / Motorola A92x series / Siemens SX1
Windows Mobile All Windows Mobile Smartphones running at a resolution of 176x220 (VGA) / 240x320 (QVGA)
Archos GMINI 400 / GMINI 402 (GMINI 402 Camcorder) / PMA400 / PMA430 / AV700 (AV700TV)
List of Mophun 3D games
Title Released date Developer Publisher Genre(s)
American Racing 3D Racing
Anarchy Boxing 3D Sports
Carmageddon 3D 2005 KAMPO Interactive Synergenix Interactive Racing
Conflict Desert Storm 3D Shooting
Conflict Global Storm 3D Shooting
The Da Vinci Code 3D 2006 SouthEnd Interactive AB Blaze Quest, Adventure
Fatal Arena 3D Fighting
Golf Pro Contest 1 3D Sports
Golf Pro Contest 2 3D Sports
Heli Attack 2 3D Shooting
Joe’s Treasure Quest 3D 3D Platformer
Lock‘N Load: Combat Arena 3D Shooting
Lock‘N Load: Rise of War 3D Shooting
Lock‘N Load 2 3D Shooting
Martial Arts 3D Sports
Rally Pro Contest 3D Racing
Worms World Party (PlayStation port) Strategy

There are two versions of Mophun 2D and 3D, for low-end (Sony Ericsson T3xx / T6xx devices) and high-end handsets (Symbian UIQ / S60 devices with N-Gage / QD and Windows Mobile) and it's often used to provide embedded (pre-installed) games on mobile phone handsets. Newer Mophun 3D SDK is unavailable. All 3D mophun games released for Symbian UIQ / S60 and Windows Mobile.

— Released Q1/Q2 2003, a new game engine for the Nokia 3650/7650 and Ericson P800 mobile phones was introduced, called Mophun 3D. These phones, as mentioned above, use the Symbian series 60 operating system.

— Mophun, but since it was designed mainly for games - it completely coped with this task - games on Mophun were distinguished by spectacular 3D graphics, speed even on the weakest devices; often such games supported network game via Bluetooth/Internet,

— mophun 2D is currently only available on a few Sony Ericsson mobile phones (T3xx / T6xx), mophun 3D will be available in the first phase in versions for Symbian OS 6 and Symbian OS 7 UIQ devices represented by, for example, Nokia 7650/3650, Sony Ericsson smartphones P800 or N-Gage multimedia device, for example. mophun 3D, as the successor to the 2D game engine mophun, should make 3D games available for mobile phones, for which it is primarily intended and for which the operation of 3D games is possible thanks to the speed of their processor. In the next phase, mophun 3D should be available in versions for Pocket PC, Palm OS,

— mophun 3D will have its own 3D API and will come as a comprehensive SDK package with its own 3D graphics routines optimized for each type of mobile device. It is more than likely that mophun 3D, for example, will be placed directly in Flash ROM on new mobile phones (probably again from Sony Ericsson), and on other smartphones and PDAs it will be installed as a classic runtime module via WAP / GPRS or locally via classic serial / USB cable or other type of communication interface.

— mophun 3D will be backwards compatible at the binary level with all existing games for mophun and therefore theoretically it will be possible to run current 2D games for the original engine in mophun 3D. While the runtime of the current mophun 2D engine can run on mobile devices with relatively slow processors (8 bits, 12 MHz), mophun 3D will of course require significantly faster 32-bit processors with a speed of at least 16 MHz.

— The mophun 3D API is very similar to the OpenGL-ES standard, which is again intended mainly for mobile devices, and the development of new 3D games should therefore be relatively fast. mophun 3D will directly support optimized light sources, texture mapping and shadow work for 3D graphics, as well as object collision detection and Z-buffering. Because playing a silent game (most games in the mobile version of Java) probably wouldn't bother anyone for too long, mophun 3D will have its own sound interface. The Sound API will directly support WAVE (WAV), ADPCM and other currently the most widely used audio formats. Of course, mophun 3D will include native support for the infrared port and serial cable, and native Bluetooth support has not yet been discussed. The trial version of the final mophun 3D should be ready in June. At the same time, the distribution of the entire package should be launched to selected distributors, who will be able to create an analysis of market requirements in the field of "mobile" gaming applications. It is difficult to predict when the new 3D games will reach customers directly (ie mobile users), but it probably won't be until the third or fourth quarter of this year at the end of the year.


2.5.4 Alpha 2 (Tuxality mod)

Released in March 17, 2021 - Drag and drop support is added, minor issues are fixed (e.g. "Compressed MPN file is not supported yet!" is corrected to "Compressed MPN files are not supported yet!") and debug messages due to failure (decryption or source files) are implemented. Planned for the next version, A3 (alpha 3), are decompression, Symbian/Pocket PC key fallback and to run as early as Windows 98, just like the unmodified version

2.5.4 Alpha 1 (Tuxality mod)

Released in March 16, 2021 - Decryption only works if opening from the Open menu. However, compressed games are detected, but cannot run. Instead, an error saying "Compressed MPN file is not supported yet!" appears. Additionally, there may be some cases of crashing and the date, time, profile stuff is not properly set or selected


- Updated profile for Model 16 (Archos Gmini 400) including skin
- Data certificate bugfix for category 1 and 2 profiles (when using DataCertificateTestSuite for example)


- New profiles added for Symbian devices
- New preliminary profiles for unnamed jukeboxes (Model 14 & 16). - No timing! Updates to the 3D API, see the SDK release notes
- 3D bugfix in P800/P900 profiles


- Make it possible to enable/disable onscreen joystick on P800/P900. All it does is change the screen size, it does not draw the panel.
- In models 1, 2 and 5 (Sony Ericsson T300 and T610 variants) use windows fonts as a fallback if a requested character does not exist in the Sony Ericsson device font (i.e chinese).


- Profile for GameTrac added (no timing yet)
- Added interpolation for 16bit


- Help file for emulator added


- S60 profiles split up into 7650, 3650 and N-Gage profiles
- Additional 3D features


- various bugfixes


- New profile for Motorola A920 (no timing yet)


- New skins for Sony Ericsson Z600 and T230


- Install option in File menu.
- Possible to use 8Khz sound.
- New profile for Sony Ericsson T226.


- Support for 3D systems.
- Support for PCM & ADPCM and WAV sound formats.
- New profiles added, for symbian devices:
* Nokia 3650/7650/N-Gage (no timing yet)
* Sony Ericsson P800 (no timing yet)


- minor bugfixes


- New memory allocation limits set for the Sony Ericsson T610 device profile and the Sony Ericsson T300 device profile. - minor bugfixes


- Sony Ericsson T610 device profile included (aka Terminal X)
- Skins for T610 and T310
- minor bugfixes


- Preliminary TerminalX device profile included


- Can now be installed separately from SDK
- Selectable device profiles.
- Simulated device specific keyboard input.
- Support for IrDA.
- Screenshot option.
- AVI recording.
- Datacert emulation routines built into the emulator


Game expired[edit]

Some games give the message "Game Expired" at startup, which means that the game has expired. To play, you will have to change the date to the required one. You can find out with the Date Mophun program! Or open the *.mpn file with a text editor like editor or wordpad (on windows) and search for "00" until you find something like this " 20030417". That's the date you have to set your phone when you start the game, after the first succesfull start you can set your date to the old state.

Use a HEX-editor like UltraEdit All you have to do, is search for the date (like 2004 or 2003 or so) in the ASCII part of the screen and change it to any year in the future.., like 2999. Save it, reload it in the phone, and voil? the game won't expire in your lifetime.


Due to the nature of the emulator, encrypted or compressed games do not boot; commercial games are encrypted, and games not designed for Mophun-specific phones (e.g. Symbian, Windows Mobile) are also compressed. In some cases, resources are compressed separately to the program.

Specific games[edit]

The background is incorrectly drawn as a grey flat texture in Hitman, and The Da Vinci Code 3D (except 1.0.1, other versions require vMusicInit) doesn't work, which can be fixed using a special version of the emulator, which has referred to within the community as the Hitman emulator. Neither version boots Exile due to not supporting vMusicInit in 2.5.4, and vSin in the special version.



MophunDecrypt created by JaGoTu, allows for Mophun programs to be decrypted and, from MophunDecrypt 2, decompressed.


A GUI, MophunDecryptGUI, created by childishbeat and written in Python, has been created to give the program a user interface. The latest version is 1.02, which predates MophunDecrypt 2 and has not been updated to support decompression.

MophunDecryptGUI changelog[edit]
  • 1.02 - January 28, 2021 - Decreases .pyw size from 1,868 bytes to 1,713 bytes
  • 1.01 - January 27, 2021 - Decreases .pyw size from 2,595 bytes to 1,868 bytes
  • 1.0 - January 26, 2021 - Initial release

Mophun SDK[edit]

Mophun was a mobile phone games SDK, it was released in 2002, C based SDK specialised to game development for mobile devices. It was made possible by Synergenix and it was coming with a free license to develop games. Mophun SDK allowed creation of games for the Symbian OS platform without the burned of the complexity of Symbian OS.

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