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If you're interested in helping out the Emulation General wiki but don't know where to start, here are some things we'd appreciate help with.

Low effort[edit]

Moderate effort[edit]

  • WIP articles – These are new articles that are not yet ready for the main page and need to be improved.
  • Outdated articles – These articles contain information that might no longer be accurate and need to be updated.
  • Articles stubs – These articles are stubs and need to be expanded with more information.
  • Create new emulator pages - Copy the Infobox emulator template and add {{WIP}} if you need help or intend to finish the page later. Usual parts of an emulator page are a short description in the beginning, a Download section and a Overview section.

High effort[edit]

Wikipedia copies
These are articles we took from Wikipedia. The source article may either contain updated information beyond what we've copied, causing us to stagnate and provide potentially incorrect information, or showcase a subject in a manner that may stray from its relevance in emulation. The best way to deal with these articles is to rewrite them, but in their current form they require a high degree of knowledge in their fields in order to break them down for readers.