CD-i Emulator

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CD-i Emulator
CD-i Emulator running Hotel Mario
Developer(s) cdifan
Latest version 0.5.3 beta 7 [+]
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows
Emulates Philips CD-i
Support ($) Buy Me A Coffee
License Closed-source
Source code GitHubCurrently empty and features the issue tracker, the author plans to add the sources later

CD-i Emulator also known as cdiemu is a commercial for Windows-only closed-source Philips CD-i emulator under active development. It has rudimentary DVC support and capable of playing MPEG for Gate Array MPEG cartridges but not for IMPEG and VMPEG cartridges[1], uses some MAME/MESS source code to support the CHD file format and the writing of AVI and PNG files in accordance with licensing, and has plans to eventually go open-source. The emulator is released in time-limited betas unusable after time expiration (upon which a new beta is released) whereas the author provides the buyer with an unlimited .exe file for €25[2] via PayPal.


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