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===Nintendo DS===
===Nintendo DS===
* [[DeSmuMe]] PS3: Not without its issues though.
* [[DeSmuME]] PS3: Not without its issues though.

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You can use your PlayStation 3 to run emulators too!




  • Stella: Port of the Atari 2600 VCS emulator.



Virtual Boy

Nintendo 64

  • PS364

GameCube / Wii

  • Dolphin-PS3: More of a proof-of-concept really.

Sega Megadrive

  • GenesisPlus GC

Sega Saturn

Sega DreamCast

PC Engine


Besides swapping images inside PSClassics for either PS1, PS2 or PSP to get your games to run (with varying degrees of success because of compatibilty hiccups), and earlier models with PS2 retrocompatibility, there are also homebrew emulators for Playstation consoles.

  • PS3SX: PS1 emulator. Pcsx port on PS3 using PS3 SDK and psl1ght SDK.


Game Boy

Game Boy Advance

Nintendo DS

  • DeSmuME PS3: Not without its issues though.


  • psmame: MAME port.


  • DOSBox: emulates Microsoft MS-DOS.
  • e-uae PS3: emulates Amiga.
  • Fuse: emulates ZX Spectrum.
  • PS3Roar: emulates TRS-80 Color Computer 1&2 and Dragon_32/64.
  • VICE: emulates Commodore systems.