Project EGG

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Project EGG
Developer(s) D4Enterprise
Latest version N/A
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows
Pocket PC (formerly)
M5 Stack IoT PCs
Architecture(s) x86
Emulates Various
Compatibility Varies by emulator
Accuracy Varies by emulator
Website Official website
BIOS/Keys Varies by emulator

Project EGG (simply referred as EGG, standing for Engrossing Game Library) is a storefront that offers emulations of several retro games made by Bothtec and later, managed by D4Enterprise after buying Bothtec's assets. It focuses on distributing old Japanese PC games for Windows (and for a short period of time, Pocket PC) users in Japan, but over time, games hailing from home consoles, Arcade boards and even handheld systems appeared in the service. The name is an homage to the Ena spaceship from EGGY, an earlier MSX title from Bothtec.

While most games in the service are paid on the top of a monthly tax being paid, some of them are distributed for "free", most of them being titles that D4Enterprise bought over time (Compile, T&E Soft, etc.). In order to pay both the games themselves and the monthly fee, a credit card that accepts purchases from Japan is required. Otherwise, PayPal can be used, although additional taxes from PayPal itself will be added. After the game being bought, the user may get a instruction manual in PDF format, which may also include posters, guides or maps for several games that are JRPGs or strategy games.

An English version of the service was launched by a third-party company years ago, but it was discontinued. However, the FAQ page still remains alive for those who are still using the service outside Japan.

A Nintendo Switch version of the service, called EGGCONSOLE, was launched in Q4 2023.

List of systems emulated[edit]

In addition, the storefront sells compilations of retro games previously released for Windows either in physical or digital media, in a way similar to DOS games being sold with DOSBox shipped on many re-releases from Steam and GOG.

Emulation accuracy[edit]

In a way, it is known the MSX emulator used in Project EGG is based on fMSX, due to the ROM/BIOS files sharing the same name as many other MSX emulators uses (including re-releases of MSX games on Wii and Wii U Virtual Console). The PC Engine emulator used on 3DS and Wii U Virtual Console seems to be based on the same emulator made by D4Enterprise on Project EGG.

Due to how some emulators were being built for Windows 95 in mind, their accuracy is very limited to games that only works with those emulators. It should be noteworthy that some games get delisted and available once again due to Microsoft enforcing software companies to optimize software for Windows 10 or 11, but not for Windows 8.1 and below.

See also[edit]

  • PicoPico - D4Enterprise's retro gaming service for iOS and Android devices. Some titles are played for free as trialware.
  • Virtual Console - D4Enterprise distributed MSX (Japan only), Neo Geo and Arcade titles for Wii; developed the PC Engine emulator for 3DS plus Wii U and published MSX titles on Wii U (Japan only).
  • Nintendo Switch Online - D4Enterprise allows Nintendo to re-release titles from their catalog on the service.